Ugo Humbert Takes a Set from Casper Ruud in Monte-Carlo Quarter-Finals: A Positive Sign for the Rising Star

Ugo Humbert, who will be 13th in the world on Monday, took a set from Casper Ruud in the quarter-finals in Monte-Carlo where he had never won a match.

What assessment do you draw from your tournament ?
Ugo Humbert: Only positive. It shows that I can play well on this surface. I’m in the quarters, I have the opportunity to achieve my best result in the Masters 1000, I’m playing one of the best on clay… I have to continue the work. I don’t flinch and I continue to work. I still have a lot of progress to make. There were lots of good things during the match (against Ruud, Editor’s note). There were times when we were evenly matched and at the start of the third set, I lacked a little energy. Well done to him, he was super solid and it shows the progress I still have to make. My game is coming together more and more. If I can stabilize that, I will already be performing well. Afterwards, for all the mental work of how to approach this Roland-Garros, I still have time. I’m gaining strength.

You will be 13th in the world on Monday, your best ranking to date. What do you feel ?
Not bad ! I’m super happy, it’s great. But I don’t ask myself too many questions: 13, 14, 15 is almost the same, I try to continue doing my thing. I finish my match and continue training. I know that this is the path to take and I will do everything to try to get closer to the ten. But I don’t get up in the morning and say to myself ‘I want to be in the top ten’. I do my thing and I tell myself that if I do things well, with time and if I’m patient, it should be possible.

“I am proud of myself because, until the last point, I believed in it”

What did you miss in the third set against Ruud?
Physical. I put less physical impact, he was more efficient on the first shots. So, I started running a little more. And I lacked intensity in the game where I got broken. I played a very bad game. But I’m proud of myself because, until the last point, I believed in it. I figured I could still knock the thing over. And I have to keep that, it gives me a chance to do better.

2024-04-12 20:19:38
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