Trouble in the Vaqueros: The Five Issues Shaking Up the Dallas Cowboys Franchise

Mexico City.- It is the most expensive franchise in world sport, they have not won a Super Bowl since the last century and, as if that were not enough, in recent days the atmosphere in the Vaqueros does not envision a successful outlook.

We present five points that could shake the Texan team, and all that metamorphosis could be attributed to the controversial owner, Jerry Jones.

Where will Dak end up?

The juicy contract extension did not come this offseason for quarterback Dak Prescott.

Next season will be the 30-year-old’s last under contract with the franchise.

What stands out are the rumors that Dak could be traded, and the Raiders raised their hand.

Dak is coming off a season of great numbers, but it doesn’t work in the playoffs.

The question is whether Prescott will remain with the Cowboys for September

The ‘Selfish’ by Micah Parsons

He is the best defender in the franchise, but lately versions have come to light that the team’s locker room does not want him.

They call him selfish, in addition to the fact that several players and managers would not find it strange if he left the team.

Micah Parsons’ salary is very low, and this contract restructuring has not reached him either.

CeeDee Lamb asks for more money

Catcher CeeDee Lamb wants a new million-dollar opponent, otherwise he threatens not to go to training camp.

Lamb, 25, had more than 1,700 yards passing last season, so he can demand those millions.

And no one would be surprised if CeeDee doesn’t put on the Dallas uniform again until she gets Jerry to open his wallet.

The last one and we leave

Mike McCarthy is in his fifth and final season.

Three consecutive campaigns with 12 wins, but at the time of the postseason the head coach does not react.

Jerry Jones has given him confidence, but next season will be the key to knowing if he stays or leaves the team.

No runners

The Texans were left without land power and it is not seen how they can reach the level of recent years.

No star arrived in free agency in that position, something that provoked the anger of fans and even players.

Rico Dowdle is the figure for the campaign. That’s how things are.

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