Triumphs at the Spanish Judo Veterans Cup: Geiko CD Club Members Shine with Gold and Silver Medals

The medalists of the Geiko CD Club of La Línea.

April 18, 2024 – 16:52

Son veteran judokas, that is, active practitioners of one of the most demanding sports in the world. When you work with effort and seriousness, in the end you achieve results, and that is exactly what has happened in the Spanish Judo Veterans Cup with a decisive role played by The line and the CD Geiko de Judo.

The club has achieved a plethora of medals with excellent performance: one gold and two silver. The gold was achieved by Jerónimo Terres, who had an excellent competition facing very tough and experienced rivals in the category M4, less than 73 kilos. It was held last Saturday, April 13, and is valid for the prestigious World Championship.

Satisfaction in the club

The first silver went to Nacho Aguilera, in the M5 category of less than 81 kilos. In a league in which the current world champion of veterans, Nacho made a magnificent competition, overcoming adversity. Personally, I consider that Nacho is worthy of admiration, since, despite a serious motorcycle accident a few years agohe set out to continue with his sport and has more than succeeded.

Finally, another silver went to Adam Steven in another complicated league. After years of inactivity in competitions, this achievement tastes like gold.

“Wanna thank all the club’s judokas for their involvement in the hard training of these months, demonstrating once again his dedication to this magnificent and demanding sport that is judo. In this club you never lose because you always learn…dedication, perseverance and discipline, that is the key for anything in life. “We have been working for judo for 25 years.”

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