Toyota Motor East Japan Builds New Indoor Training Facility for Baseball Team in Kanegasaki Town, Miyagi Prefecture: Open to Residents and Community

Toyota Motor East Japan (Ohira Village, Miyagi Prefecture) has built a new indoor practice field for its baseball team in Nishine Shobuzawa, Kanegasaki Town, and held an opening ceremony at the site on the 8th. Residents can also use it, giving back to the local community.

The name was Moriyama Indoor Training Facility, and 55 employees and others attended the ceremony. Mayor Hirotoshi Takahashi and others broke Kusudama and celebrated the opening. Manager Daikichi Natsui (36) greeted the team by saying, “Now that the long-awaited indoor training facility has been completed, I am filled with anticipation and a sense of responsibility.We will actively develop activities rooted in the community.”

The operation of the facility will be outsourced to Moriyama General Park Lifelong Sports Center. It will be open to the general public from May 8th, 3,000 yen per hour for adults (2,000 yen for high school students and under). Reservations will be accepted starting next week.

For inquiries, please contact the center (0197-44-5600).

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For the full article, please see the April 9 edition of Iwate Nippo.

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2024-04-09 07:05:07
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