Top Tennis Stars Battle Weather Conditions at ATP Munich Tournament and Embrace Bavarian Cuisine with Influencer Girlfriend by Their Side

In Munich, the world tennis stars are not only fighting against their opponents at the ATP tournament this week. But also against the weather. While last weekend the temperatures were T-shirt-like, there were even a few snowflakes falling from the sky during the week.

US star Taylor Fritz (26/world ranking 15th) reveals in an interview with BILD the trick he uses to adapt to the special conditions. Fritz: “If it’s that cold, I’ll probably wind my strings a little softer. With the cold everything becomes a little harder. That’s why I’m going to reduce the tension a little.”

Fritz’s girlfriend Morgan Riddle is also in Munich. Riddle is a successful influencer and loves Bavarian food


For Fritz, not necessarily conditions that he would like. As a Californian, he is mostly used to sunshine and heat. Fritz: “It’s not the weather I’m used to.” Another disadvantage for him is that the wetness makes playing on sand significantly slower.

Girlfriend Morgan Riddle also there

The American with the cracking serve thrilled the audience in Munich last year, and not just with his performances (lost in the semi-finals). He also brought glamor to the facility with his girlfriend Morgan Riddle (26/has a German grandfather). Riddle is a well-known influencer – and loves German cuisine.

Fritz reveals: “She will be there this year too.” As soon as she arrived in Munich, Riddle treated herself to hearty bratwursts with potato salad and sauerkraut and commented: “I’ve been waiting for this all year.”

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Fritz about his girlfriend, who even worked on the organizer’s organization team at Wimbledon: “It’s great that she’s doing something that still allows her to travel with me and support me. Still, she does her own thing and earns her own money. That’s great.”

As a couple, they always provide fun on the tour. At the Australian Open earlier this year, Riddle lost a bet against her Taylor. Because he won against Tsitsipas, she had to eat “Vegemite”. An Australian spread that tends to scare foreigners away. Fritz: “It tastes terrible. It should be eaten on bread with butter. If you eat it straight, it’s really horrible. The bet wasn’t my idea, it was her suggestion.”

Apparently Riddle can’t be punished with Bavarian food in Munich – quite the opposite…

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