Tom Brady Shows Off Toned Arms and Abs in Intense Training Routine

Tom Brady showed off his perfect abs and toned armsby showing his intense training routine, who has made it clear that the former quarterback still in excellent physical shape just over a year after his definitive retirement from American football.

Through his Instagram account, the holder of seven Super Bowl rings shared a video in which He is seen running sprints in Miamiseala Page Six.

In a short clip uploaded to his stories, Brady appears running at full speed while wearing only shorts and tennis shoesso your well worked abdomen, arms and legs They are completely exposed.

In the video, the former Buccaneers player It appears in an outdoor location with grass, palm trees in the background and the Miami sun falling on it.

“24 at night…”, was the message Brady wrote about the video, referring to to the year he was selected by the New England Patriots. “@nobull. there are no excuses. Show yourself that you can show yourself all damn day!” reads the video in which he also put some stopwatch emojis.

Tom Brady shows off his impact abs during a workout

Page Six recalls that a few months ago, after he announced his retirement from American football, Brady began to lose weight because he couldn’t handle so much stress.

“Yeah, I’ve lost about 10 pounds, but I’m actually pretty fit right now.”he explained at the time on the “Let’s Go” podcast with co-hosts Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray in September.

I haven’t had the stress I had while playing“So that allowed me to focus a little more on my physical health,” he added.

The importance of physical and mental health for Tom Brady

The NFL legend knows the importance of take care of physical and mental health, something that has become their priority.

“Many other things could be prioritized: career, children, relationships, family, common good, community,” he said, “but at the end of the day, physical and mental health should be at the top of the pyramid“.

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