Titan Archers Shine in Record-Breaking Performance at Olympic Round Spring Tournament

It was a record-breaking Sunday for the Titan Archers involved in the 45th Olympic Round Spring Tournament in Faenza. Giorgia Cesarini wins among the women with 600 points ahead of Kristina Pruccoli who closes on 586 after having dominated the race for a long time, compromised at the end due to an error.

The two athletes, together with Maria Luisa Fazzardi who finished in fourth place, established the new San Marino women’s team record with 1705 points. First place and San Marino record in the female student category for Lucrezia Tura with 592 points. Andrea Gualandi (recurve bow) finished in third place as did Matteo Dragoni (junior). Fifth Ivan Vernocchi.

Third place for Andrea Gualandi in the men’s recurve with 551, fifth place for Emanuele Guidi with 542. Third place for Matteo Dragoni among the juniors. Fifth place in the compound for Ivan Vernocchi after a disappointing first part.

2024-04-15 09:54:16
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