Thomas Müller’s Instagram Video Goes Viral: “Kick it like Müller”

Thomas Müller caused a stir with a special video on Instagram. Image: imago images / Contrast


Even though Thomas Müller doesn’t wear the captain’s armband at either Bayern or the DFB, he is still considered an important pillar in both teams and, above all, a crowd favorite. On his Instagram account, the 34-year-old lives up to the account name “esmüllert” and regularly provides his fans with content from his everyday life.

Overall, the humor hinted at in the name is part of the entire profile. With a new video, Thomas Müller is once again causing a lot of laughs – although probably unintentionally.

Thomas Müller irritates with juggling video

Under the title “Kick it like Müller”, the offensive man is currently showing his fans a few tricks for holding up the ball. In the middle of the Allianz Arena he juggles the ball with unusually fast moves, the whole thing is accompanied by a dramatic Vivaldi remix.

However, it is the beginning of the video from Tuesday evening that is particularly causing a stir. From a worm’s eye view you can see how Müller picks up the ball with his right foot in a precise manner, then the perspective changes.

The first image before the cut shows Thomas Müller from an angle that very few fans have ever seen in this resolution. The slightly raised leg means you can see quite far into the national player’s loose-fitting training trousers.

Advertising partner uses video for spicy commentary

While some comments still revolve around whether Müller actually performs the tricks himself or not, the majority of users pounce on the spicy beginning. “Everyone saw Müller’s eggs,” commented one user dryly.

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One of the national player’s advertising partners also adopts this humor. Since the beginning of the year, the 34-year-old has been cooperating with the Seeberger company in the area of ​​social media and regularly appears in their advertising campaign for nuts.

“Whether it works just as well with our nuts?” writes the company under Müller’s new video. This should actually be related to similarly tricky advertising videos in which the footballer more or less skillfully throws the Seeberger nuts into his mouth. However, some users may have interpreted the comment in a more ambiguous way.

Müller wanted to point out a completely different detail with the video. “These are the tricks from the family recipe. Well done, I would say,” he winks at the camera.

Müller is actually almost as successful with his advertising contracts as he is in sports. In addition to his annual salary of around 21 million euros, Thomas Müller is said to be “Manager Magazine” make around four million euros with his collaborations.

Bayer Leverkusen simply cannot lose this season. The already established German champions proved this again in the 1-1 draw in the top Bundesliga game on Sunday evening at Borussia Dortmund.

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