The Unwavering Integrity of Jannik Sinner: A True Icon for Italian Youth

Jannik Sinner is really not a player like the others.

Recently interviewed by the Journal on his new status since he won the first Grand Slam of his career and has become a true icon for Italian youth, the 2nd player in the world, faithful to his principles, has no intention of flinching under the weight of pressure.

“If there is one thing that is clear to me at this point in my career, it is that neither victories nor defeats will change me as a person. I will always be myself and if there is one thing I am proud of right now, it is being an example for children. I know it comes with a huge responsibility, but I’m not afraid of it because I started taking it on when I left home when I was 13. »

2024-04-20 17:45:00
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