The Union of Brussels under Pressure: Can they Reclaim the Top Spot?

We take the same and start again. Or almost, because this time, the Union will play before Anderlecht and will be able to put pressure on them by winning against Cercle. A bit like its main competitor for the title achieved on the opening day by beating Antwerp. A question of nerve management, starting with everything he says or does internally. By castigating the refereeing during his bloodbath at a press conference, Alexander Blessin finally triggered two notable elements. The first is that he is now in the sights of the prosecution, as explained by Ebe Verhaegen, the Prosecutor of the Belgian Federation. “The statements of the Unionist coach contribute nothing to the debate, on the contrary, they disturb the serenity.” A warning which allows us to quickly turn to the second conclusion born from the German mentor’s last speech: stress has taken hold of his body but also of the locker room. Usually serene, the Union seems to be stammering its game more and more, as if the sensation of hitting the goal was taking over from the playful side that all of Belgium has recognized since the opening of the season.

Against the Circle, this thorn in the side of all the big teams in our championship, we will have to return to the basics called “fun” and “devotion” so as not to experience a second disappointment in a row. A result other than a success would offer the possibility for Anderlecht to officially take the lead, which will appear unfair to football purists but ultimately symptomatic of what the Pro League demands from a champion these days, namely efficiency, without playing well or producing a lot. For many weeks, Brian Riemer’s gang has been hanging on to the wire, taking advantage of the slightest error from the opposition to bend the debates. It is a strength, which has become a habit, which must continue to be used because as the Brussels mentor explained very well: “Each week will be decisive. It is the formula and the intensity of the encounters that give rise to so much suspense. There are 27 points left on the table, it’s huge.”

The Club wants its revenge

Especially when all the teams are so close together. Nobody talks about it, and few people dare to believe it, but a string of successes for Club Brugge, or even Antwerp, could see the birth of an unexpected candidate for the final coronation. By moving to the Venice of the North, Anderlecht will therefore try to stick to the Union, or even surpass it, but it will also be keen to endorse the latest ideas of its ancestral rival. Bruges players are often irregular, rarely transcendent but always able to gain the upper hand over any opponent. Especially in a house which has not forgotten that the last Topper ended in a setback in the final seconds of play. A slap in the face. A humiliation. An affront that the boiling public of Jan Breydel will refuse to experience a second time. As expected, the two Bruges teams risk serving as referees for these Playoffs 1…

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