The Trophy I’m Missing: LeBron James Reflects on Marc Gasol and the Defender of the Year Award


LeBron James has his opinion on Marc Gasol and the 2013 defender of the year award

LeBron James still not forgetting Marc Gasol and the award for Best Defender of the Year from NBA that the Spaniard snatched from the American in 2023. The player of the Lakers has once again spoken out about a trophy that remains on his list of pending accounts in his last days as a professional player. At 39 years old, The King was key to putting Los Angeles on the horn in the playoffs in which they will face Denver Nuggets.

LeBron James He has most of the titles that a player can win in the world of basketball but there is one that he is missing: the trophy for Best Defender of the Year in the NBA. In 2012-2013, it was the season that came closest to winning this award, which Marc Gasol ended up taking after a Homeric season with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Marc Gasol It was in the news a few days ago after Memphis paid him a legendary tribute at the ceremony to retire his number and in recent days it has been news due to statements made by LeBron James about him. All in relation to the defender of the year award that the Catalan player won in 2013 and which made him enter the history books of basketball in the best league in the world.

LeBron James and Marc Gasol

LeBron James was questioned a few days ago about all his titles and he spoke again about the only one he is missing. “That is the only prize that I don’t have in my house and that in some way hurts,” lamented the Lakers player in an interview given on the podcast The Shop.

“Has no sense. The year I finished second in the Best Defender of the Year award, the guy who won it wasn’t even on the first defensive team,” he stated in statements that have gone viral on USA.

That 2013 season was the record-breaking one for LeBron James who ended up winning the ring with the Miami Heat. Therefore, during an interview in which she did not mention Marc Gasol, he compared not winning this award with the fact that Beyoncé, who has many Grammys, has never won Best Album of the Year.

Together in the Lakers

This is not the first time LeBron James spoke about Marc Gasol’s award. One of the last times he had to do with the Spaniard’s signing for the Los Angeles franchise after winning his first ring with Toronto Raptos. “Marc has my defender of the year trophy at his house… I love you Marc, and I can’t wait to talk about this,” he said after the arrival was announced.

LeBron James also celebrated the arrival of Marc Gasol to Los Angeles and valued him positively as a player. “I am super happy to have the great Marc Gasol, who all Lakers fans know because he was traded on draft day for his older brother,” said the American player who also made it clear that: “I am happy to have Marc, another champion with the Raptors two years ago, someone I have always liked.

Unfortunately for both parties, Marc Gasol did not succeed in Los Angeles Lakers. The Spaniard arrived at Staples Center in November 2020 and was transferred a year later to Memphis, in which he was his last move in the NBA. As everything indicated at the time, the Grizzlies ended up cutting the Catalan, ending a 13-year wine and roses career in the best basketball league in the world.

In his career as an NBA player, Marc Gasol won a ring with Toronto Raptos in addition to the aforementioned award for Best Defender of the Year, he was also an all-star three times and was chosen once in the league’s Best Quintet in 2013. He was also Of the few players who managed to add 10,000 points, 6,000 rebounds and 2,900 assists.

Therefore, a few weeks ago Memphis Grizzlies He performed a tribute ceremony by removing the shirt with the number 33 with which he triumphed in the franchise. «None of my dreams went through something like this. This was undreamable. Nobody could imagine… not only the fact of retirement, which is the culmination of a very great career, and that for me speaks more than about what has been achieved, about the way in which it has been achieved. Of the identity with which one has always tried to do things, with the good and the bad, accepting the mistakes one makes and facing them later. Nobody was capable of visualizing a career like that in my case, not even myself,” said Marc Gasol after the emotional tribute.

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