The Thrilling Final Day of the NBA Regular Phase 2023-2024: East and West Standings Revealed

The last day of the NBA Regular Phase 2023-2024 and the 30 teams of the league are in action. First thing in the morning, it will be time to define the Eastern Conference and in the second turn, from a West who still does not know who will take first place – in the East, Boston already assured it weeks ago -.

Next, all details, scenarios and live updates from classification towards the Playoffs NBA 2024as well as Play-In.

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What NBA games are there today, Sunday, April 14?

Local Visitor Res. | Time (CDMX, ET, AR and ESP) Celtics Wizards 132-122 Cavaliers Hornets 110-120 Pacers Hawks 157-115 Heat Raptors 118-103 Knicks Bulls 109-109 (4C) Magic Bucks 113-88 76ers Nets 107-86 Warriors Jazz 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30 Clippers Rockets 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30 Grizzlies Nuggets 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30 Timberwolves Suns 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30 Pelicans Lakers 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30 Thunder Mavericks 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30 Kings Trail Blazers 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30 Spurs Pistons 13:30 | 15:30 | 16:30 | 21:30

The Eastern Conference standings, live and direct

Pos. Equipo V D % Dif. 1 Boston Celtics * 64 18 77.5% – 2 New York Knicks * 49 32 60.5% 14.5 3 Milwaukee Bucks * 49 33 59.7% 15.0 4 Cleveland Cavaliers * 48 34 58.5% 16.0 5 Orlando Magic 47 35 57.3% 17.0 6 Indiana Pacers 47 35 57.3% 17.0 7 Philadelphia 76ers 47 35 57.3% 17.0 8 Miami Heat 46 36 56.1% 18.0 9 Chicago Bulls 39 42 48.1% 24.5 10 Atlanta Hawks 36 46 43.9% 28.0

The top six places qualify directly for the postseason. With *, those classified for the Playoffs. From 7th to 10th they advance to the Play-In.

Knicks and Bulls to extra. New York and Chicago tie at 109 and will play 5 more minutes. Again: if New York wins, it is second; If he loses, he is third and the Bucks keep that position. The rest, already defined.

The attention is on New York. The rest of the games are decided, but it remains to be seen whether New York will beat Chicago or not. The Bulls win 94 to 93, with 6 minutes remaining. If the Knicks win, they take second place in the East; If they lose, that spot goes to Milwaukee, even with their loss in Orlando. Cleveland will be 4th, Orlando 5th, Indiana 6th, Philadelphia 7th and Miami 8th.

Cleveland loses at home to Charlotte. The Cavs had no intention of fighting for second place in the East – and having to face Embiid or Butler in the 1st Round. Second place will go to Milwaukee or New York. Both are down in the last quarter and if both lose, the classification closes with Celtics (1st), Bucks (2nd), Knicks (3rd), Cavs (4th), Magic (5th) and Pacers ( 6°). 76ers and Heat, in Play-In, as well as Bulls and Hawks.

Who wants second place in the East? Milwaukee already loses 80-70 against Orlando. The Knicks fall at home against a Chicago with nothing in dispute and Cleveland is on a tight score, at home, against Charlotte. It is worth remembering that the second in the East will play in the 1st Round against the winner of the Play-In between the Sixers and Miami. Do teams prefer to finish third and face Indiana? If the Bucks, Knicks and Cavs lose, second place goes to Milwaukee.

Orlando comes forward. Jonathan Isaac is starting to look like him Factor X of the definition of the East. Orlando’s interior, today starting over Wendell Carter, is having a spectacular game against Milwaukee: 8 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks. His team goes into halftime up 47-42 and with these results, the East would be left with Celtics (1st), Knicks (2nd), Cavs (3rd), Bucks (4th), Magic (5th ) and Indiana (6th). Philadelphia and Miami, in Play-In.

Milwaukee starts strong in Orlando. The Bucks – without Giannis but with Lillard at a high level – beat Orlando 30-22 at the end of the first quarter. With that result, if Philadelphia -without Embiid- beats Brooklyn at home and Indiana beats Atlanta, the East would be left with Boston (1st), Milwaukee (2nd), New York (3rd), Cleveland (4th), Indiana ( 5th) and Philadelphia (6th). Orlando and Miami would go to the Play-In.

Milwaukee, Knicks and Cleveland are going for second place. The three teams still have a chance to take second place in the East. Milwaukee secures it with a victory over Orlando; New York needs a Bucks loss and a win over Chicago; Cleveland only gets it if both of their rivals lose and they beat Charlotte.

The East is defined! The first round of games on Sunday, April 14, will put the Eastern teams into action, with several points still to be decided, including second place in the Conference and two direct berths for the postseason, with Orlando, Indiana and Philadelphia looking to avoid the Play-In.

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Western Conference Standings and Standings

Pos. Team V D % Diff. 1 Oklahoma City Thunder * 56 25 69.1% – 2 Minnesota Timberwolves * 56 25 69.1% – 3 Denver Nuggets * 56 25 69.1% – 4 LA Clippers * 51 30 63.0% 5 5 Dallas Mavericks * 50 31 61.7% 6 6 New Orleans Pelicans 49 32 60.5% 7 7 Phoenix Suns 48 33 59.3% 8 8 Los Angeles Lakers 46 35 56.8% 10 9 Sacramento Kings 45 36 55.6% 11 10 Golden State Warriors 45 36 55.6%

The top six places qualify directly for the postseason. With *, those classified for the Playoffs. From 7th to 10th they advance to the Play-In.

Looking for number one. The Western Conference has not yet decided who will occupy first place in the classification. Thunder, Timberwolves and Nuggets fight for it. For now, advantage for OKC.

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