The tennis player Sebastián Korda suffered the violent theft of a 300 thousand euro watch in the middle of the street

Definitely the 2024 edition of the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 It was not an experience that Sebastian Korda, number 27 in the world ranking, you might want to remember. In addition to being eliminated in the third round by Jannik Sinner, it was revealed that the American tennis player was the victim of a robbery a couple of days before the opening of the tournament, last week.

According to French media Nice morning y France Bluetwo men wearing helmets were waiting for Korda under a staircase that connects Avenida de Francia and Avenida de Varavilla, a few meters from the Monaco Open venue. The tennis player was intercepted and immobilized on the ground by one of the thieves, while the other was in charge of removing his Richard Mille brand watch from his accessory that you usually carry with you and that is valued around the 300 thousand euros.

Instantly, The thieves (who could not be identified) fled on a scooter. Fortunately Korda was not injured during the assault, but he was very shaken according to the French sources who reported the events.

From the Menton police station, where the American went to report the robbery, they comment on the low probability of locating and capturing the thieves, since it seems that this type of crime is very common in Monaco. In recent months there have been records of at least 30 thefts of luxury watches in the west of the French Riviera.

A few days after the robbery, the 23-year-old tennis player suffered on the court. Although he debuted in the Monaco tournament, defeating the Spanish Alexander Davidovich 6-1, 6-2, in the next instance he was eliminated with the same result at the hands of the current champion of the Australian Openthe Italian Jannik Sinner. Of course, Monte Carlo, the most renowned neighborhood in the principality of Monaco, is going to go on Sebastián Korda’s list of least favorite places.

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