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The scene of Pedro Rocha I el Escueto fleeing from journalists and pretending to be receiving a call so as not to have to answer the question of my colleague from La Sexta Alfonso Pérez Medina (“Mr. Rocha, what exactly have you not been able to explain to him?” to the judge?”) defines clearly and better than anything else the current moment that Spanish football is going through. “Of course!”, Rocha explains to an imaginary friend on the phone and, at that precise moment, in front of all the journalists, the cell phone really rings: “Hey! Tell me Samuel”… Along with “elections, what are you talking about?” of Larrea II the Concise, this “tell me, Samuel” of Rocha I the Concise is ground gold. Accused, yes, accused. Because the blondist Pedro Rocha entered the Courts as a witness but his textbook “I don’t know, I don’t remember, I don’t know” has so outraged the prosecutor that he has requested his indictment.

So, in a record time of less than twenty-four hours, Rocha, who is stronger than ever according to what they told me the other day via WhatsApp, has gone from obtaining an impressive number of endorsements, specifically 107, 77% of the assembly members, to testify as a witness and, due to his bizarre statement, be charged. Rocha has said that the works in La Cartuja and the Super Cup did not go through his economic vice presidency, which he has defined as a representative position, and when he was asked about the works that have been carried out while he was president, he has referred everything to the economic area . In other words, when he was economic vice president, his position was merely representative, but when he has been president, the responsibility for the neatness of the works that may have been carried out is attributable to the economic area, which, in a miraculous way, has ceased to be a department. vase. Rocha has said that he has studied at the University of Life, which is something that looks very good, and, when asked why Rubiales chose him, he said the following: “He named me, but I don’t know why.” that”. There the prosecutor could not take it anymore: accused.

If Franz Kafka had to write about these events we would have to consider him a writer of manners because, beware! The Territorials that yesterday (yesterday!) endorsed the candidacy of Rocha I el Escueto, expect today (today!) that he will resign from office to which they themselves nominated less than twenty-four hours ago. But Rocha, who has the prosecutor up to his neck, who is in conflict with the Higher Sports Council, who has even had to ask FIFA to intervene, and whom the presidents of territorial federations who have just endorsed his candidacy want to get rid of, It is not taken for granted and, in theory, it intends to hold on. This was the man who had no attachment to the couch. This was the one who did not want to stay in office longer than necessary.

I no longer put my hand in the fire for anyone except my mother and, least of all, I put my hand in the fire for this gentleman, but what Pedro Rocha is right about is that his hypothetical participation in the events has not yet been proven. allegedly criminal acts that are attributed to the previous president. That’s true. As it is also true that, regardless of what justice may determine and respecting of course the presumption of innocence that protects us all, if only to preserve the very fine thread, almost invisible now, of respectability that remains to the federation, This gentleman should silently head toward the exit door. He would also better protect his innocence, without linking his accusation to an institution that, between them, has left mortally wounded. His insistence on staying, his blocking of a situation that cannot be sustained, that Villarian and Rubilista style of putting the world on his back and continuing against everything and everyone, draws powerful attention. If Rocha cared in the slightest about Spanish football, he wouldn’t even have presented his candidacy. And if the assembly members didn’t really give a damn about what happens with the Euro Cup in a couple of months or the World Cup in 6 years, they would have ruled out Rocha, Rochita, Rochete. But Pedro cares about Pedro, Luis cared about Luis and Ángel cared about Ángel. And that’s how it goes for us. This is Monster Stop.

2024-04-13 09:54:11
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