The Roma football club has reached an agreement with its former employee who had a video of a sexual encounter stolen

According to what was reported by various newspapers, including Republic, the Roma football team would have reached a financial agreement with one of its former employees who was fired last November due to a scandal linked to an intimate video that had been stolen from her and circulated without her consent.

Republic writes that a compromise has been found: the team will give the woman a “severance”, i.e. a sum of money that a company can decide to give to an employee when he interrupts an employment relationship, and in exchange she will not file a complaint for revenge porn, the practice of disseminating private images and videos without the consent of the person concerned. The amount of the severance pay was not made public, but according to Republic it would be “lavish”, therefore very large.

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At the beginning of October, a video showing a sexual relationship between the woman in question and her partner, also a former Roma employee, began circulating in the chat of the team’s Primavera players. The video had been released by a Primavera footballer who had seen it about two years before her in the archive of the woman’s smartphone and had sent it to his own phone, without having her consent. At the beginning of November the two employees were fired due to alleged “incompatibilities”. The woman then asked the team for compensation of 310 thousand euros for her and her partner, but the request was refused.

The news became public in March, when other details about the content of the video began to emerge. Some reconstructions claim that at the time the woman was filmed she would have been working for Roma on behalf of a temporary company, and in the video she would have asked her partner to help her get hired directly by the football club.

According to the information currently available, no sanctions are envisaged for the player responsible for disseminating the video.

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