The Rise of Padel: A Popular Racket Sport in France

The padel

An invention dating from the end of the 1960s, padel has become one of the most popular racket sports in France. A combination of tennis, squash and badminton, it is above all appreciated for its simplicity. This sport is also accessible to all ages, being played on the basis of a team of four players. This discipline takes place in an enclosed courtyard, surrounded by glass walls and metal fences.

Please note that there are three types of rackets for playing padel, namely light models, classic models and heavy ones. Likewise, you will find three shapes of racquets, i.e. round ones, teardrop shaped ones and diamond ones. Each model is designed to meet specific needs and a specific level of play. If the round racket is all-purpose, the diamond shape is aimed more at an experienced profile. With its varied range of racket sports equipment, find what you need on


The popularity of tennis goes well beyond France thanks to the numerous international meetings. For good reason, this discipline has multiple benefits for the body and the mind. Indeed, tennis improves coordination of movements and promotes concentration. A tennis player’s/tenniswoman’s equipment obviously includes a quality racket, as well as luggage accessories and comfortable clothing. Note that the more confidence and experience you gain, the more you will tend to turn to a heavy racket. For their part, rackets weighing around 250 g are mainly aimed at beginners.

In addition to traditional tennis, it is possible to turn to table tennis which is often played indoors. Like its cousin, it requires the same helping hand, combining dexterity and reflexes. Moreover, both fall into the category of Olympic sports.

Less formal, beach tennis is also very successful. As its name suggests, it is practiced by the sea and is particularly popular in seaside resorts. Unlike the classic tennis racket, the beach tennis racket is full.

Le squash

Like padel, squash is played on an enclosed court surrounded by walls and a glass wall, but without a net. The two players compete on a surface of 10 x 6 m. The objective of the game is to ensure that the opponent cannot catch the small black rubber ball. To do this, it must bounce off the glass wall without touching the red lines. Also note that the game is played alternately, knowing that both players must share and defend the same playing surface.

In terms of equipment, it consists of a stringed racket, the grip of which is replaceable according to your needs. Please note that squash shoes are regulated to guarantee the durability of the court. Opt for a pair with gum rubber soles created by brands like Asics, Adidas, etc. In addition to the racket, ball and shoes, complete your squash equipment with the right transport equipment, such as a protective cover.


Popularized at the beginning of the 19th century, badminton has never stopped being talked about. This game pits two to four players against each other depending on the type of practice. Indeed, it is possible to play a single game, a double game or even a mixed game.

Like many racquet sports, players are spread out on opposite sides of a net. Furthermore, the regulations are quite similar to those of tennis. The only difference is that badminton is played with a shuttlecock. The player is at fault when the latter comes into contact with his body. Likewise, touching other areas except the net and racket is also considered a foul.

To choose a badminton racket, consider its weight, knowing that it influences its handling and hitting power. Light models of around 80 g are recommended for regular use.

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