The Rise of BFC ‘Daugavpils’ Goalkeeper Nikitas Sharanina: A Return to Form

I had at least five candidates, but I chose BFC “Daugavpils” goalkeeper Nikitas Sharanina. I will explain why him. The 21-year-old goalkeeper is not a “dark horse”, he has played in the Latvian U17 and U19 national team (10 games in total), was a candidate for the U21 national team and was previously a member of BFC “Daugavpils”. He had participated in a total of 11 games in the Super League, but last season he … disappeared. Worked and sometimes played in the 2nd league in the goal of FK “Kalupe”. A whole season without the experience of Premier League games. Sharanin decided to restart his career before this season. And now imagine – Frank Dāvids Orols started the season perfectly in goal for the Daugavpils team, but he could not participate in the match with RFS, but the team is the leader and in such a situation you have to score immediately. Against the champion. The saved 11 m penalty (Sharanin tricked Lemajic with a trick move) was Nikita’s highlight in the game, which later turned out to have a significant impact on the subsequent course of the game, but no less important was the fact that he played with poise and confidence in the transitions (RFS also attacked quite predictable). The goalkeeper’s confidence helped the outfield players significantly. Who will be in the goal of BFC “Daugavpils” in the next game against the new leader “Riga FC” – it is not even that important. More importantly, for the undoubtedly talented goalkeeper, such a return becomes an additional incentive to continue the resume.

Sixth round match – “Valmiera FC” against FK “Liepāja”

Liepaja’s head coach Tamazs Pertija against his former team, and with four former Valmiera team players in Liepaja’s ranks (goalkeeper Vladislavs Lazarevs, Fraj Kajramani, Pape Falls and Luka Silagadze), moreover, after Valmiera’s escape in the previous game with Grobina’s team and after Liepaja’s first victory in the championship . Last year, in the first match between the two teams in Valmiera, the Liepāja team won 1:0… In the previous two seasons, the Liepaja team won only twice and both times in Valmiera. There has been no draw in the 12 games between these teams in the Premier League. It will be intense on Sunday as well.

The matches between “Riga FC” and BFC “Daugavpils” arouse no less interest in the 6th round of matches. And what if Daugavpils have lost to “Rīga” in six of the last eight games and scored only one goal in them? The RFS statics were much better. Will “Riga FC” cause Daugavpils their first loss? After a draw in Valmiera, Grobina’s team will host FK “Metta” at home. Will the newcomers to the Premier League have their first win? FS “Jelgava” will meet FK “Auda” at home, while RFS will meet the team of FK “Tukums 2000/TELMS”. Perhaps the status of the main game of the round will have to be changed this time as well? I won’t be surprised if it happens.


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