The Horror Movie: Independiente’s Disappointing Loss to Talleres in the League Cup

04/15/2024 4:12 p.m. Updated on 04/15/2024 11:15 p.m.

It was a repeat movie, a Horror movie. One of those that you go to the cinema to know that you are going to suffer, that fear takes over the atmosphere for 90 minutes. Not even the 2-0 made the Independiente fans feel calm. Because he depended on himself, a double-edged sword. Because he demonstrated on more than one occasion that he does not know how to face games when he has a numerical advantage (something that already happened to him in the 0-0 with Huracán at the beginning of the tournament). Because he doesn’t know how to live with the pressure in the Libertadores de América-Ricardo Enrique Bochini.

This film is the same one that was seen on November 26 of last year, with the same rival and in a different setting. That time it was at the Mario Alberto Kempes. Now it was in Avellaneda, where hell was present once again in the stands. The differences are subtle, the result is the same: Rojo, with many chances of advancing to the round, was left out of the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup.

A few months ago it was a defeat when it barely needed to equalize (it was eliminated due to goal difference), yesterday it was a draw after going to half-time with a two-goal difference and with a Talleres de Córdoba with ten players due to the expulsion of Miguel Navarro. Independiente’s lack of reaction to the slightest blow was again the reason why he was left empty-handed.

It is difficult to understand how Red can have several faces. It’s hard to understand how he is the same guy who played well against River and had a game to forget against Deportivo Riestra; How is he the same one who stood up with determination in the first half against the T and the one who did so soullessly in the second half.

The defeated image of Carlos Tevez after Federico Girotti’s 3-2, even though it was annulled at the request of the VAR, is an example of a cycle that does not seem to have a return. That Independiente stumbled twice over the same stone is an unforgivable sin for a giant institution, for a sleeping King of Cups.

Not even the three balls that Guido Herrera took from Joaquín Laso, Ignacio Maestro Puch and Alexis Canelo in the last minutes served to disguise the apathy of a team that weighed its shirt too much.. Because Independiente went from winning by goals Adrian Sporle y Canelo at a catastrophic start to the second half in which they tied with ten players in two minutes through Girotti y Gaston Benavidez.

The lack of character, the absence of clarity to know how to take advantage of the spaces that Talleres knew how to leave and the reading problems that the Apache had when making the changes conditioned the final result. On the one hand, the coach was successful in surprising his rival by putting Sporle as a midfielder on the left side and with a Saltita González (the reason for his departure is not understood) floating behind the Cordoba midfielders; on the other, he failed when He tried to modify the proceedings of the match in the second half.

Mistakes are repeated, opportunities accumulate and the film had an announced outcome. In this way, with a dejected face and the fans whistling goodbye to the team, Independiente finished the League Cup disappointingly and showing that it is very far from what it once knew how to be. Horror theme.

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15/04/2024, 23:00

Tevez suspended the conference: is it still going on?

Independiente coach Carlos Tevez suspended the press conference after the 2-2 draw against Talleres that left Rojo out of the quarterfinals of the League Cup. That left doubts about his continuity, despite the fact that he has a current contract.. The team was whistled after the end of the match at the Libertadores de América – Ricardo Bochini.

15/04/2024, 22:45

The ONE x ONE of Independiente against Talleres

El Rojo was left without the quarterfinals in a vibrant match. These were the scores according to Olé.

15/04/2024, 22:22

(VIDEO) The summary of the tie between Independiente and Talleres

15/04/2024, 22:05

The game ended! Independiente and Talleres tied 2-2

Papelón in Avellaneda. El Rojo let a two-goal lead go by, they tied it in a flurry and were left out of the League Cup. The T, also out of the contest.

15/04/2024, 21:57

45′ ST | Goal disallowed by Talleres

15/04/2024, 21:50

37′ ST | Arrival of Independent

15/04/2024, 21:48

32′ ST | Arrival of Independent

15/04/2024, 21:34

25′ ST | Changes in Independent

  • Diego Tarzia and Federico Mancuello enter
  • Iván Marcone and Lucas González leave

15/04/2024, 21:24

11′ ST | Change in Independent

  • Enter Alex Luna
  • Sale Ayrton Costa

15/04/2024, 21:22

10′ ST | Yellow in Independent: Tata Martínez

15/04/2024, 21:18

06′ ST | Workshops Goal! 2-2 draw

15/04/2024, 21:17

04′ ST | Workshops Goal! Girotti for 1-2

01′ ST | Change in Workshops

  • Enter Blas Riveros
  • Juan Portilla leaves

15/04/2024, 21:12

00′ ST | The second half has started!

15/04/2024, 20:56

The first half is over! Independiente beats Talleres 2-0

15/04/2024, 20:54

45+7′ PT | Independiente goal! Canelo, from a penalty, makes it 2-0

15/04/2024, 20:55

45+6′ PT | Roja en Workshops: Miguel Navarro

15/04/2024, 20:55

45+5′ | Yellow in Workshops: Guido Herrera

15/04/2024, 20:48

45′ PT | Workshops missed it!

The ball was stopped, Rubén Botta tried from outside and sent it out, hitting the post.

15/04/2024, 20:36

36′ PT | Change in Workshops

  • Enter Kevin Mantilla
  • Juan Rodríguez leaves

15/04/2024, 20:33

33′ PT | Independiente goal! Adrián Spörle makes it 1-0

15/04/2024, 20:32

30′ PT | Yellow in Independent: Ayrton Costa

15/04/2024, 20:31

29′ PT | Yellow in Workshops: Miguel Navarro

15/04/2024, 20:27

25′ PT | Almost Independiente goal!

Lucas González tried a free kick: it hit the post.

15/04/2024, 20:26

23′ PT | Yellow in Workshops: Rubén Botta

15/04/2024, 20:25

23′ PT | Yellow in Independent: Adrián Sporle

15/04/2024, 20:25

22′ PT | Yellow in Workshops: Juan Rodríguez

15/04/2024, 20:21

18′ PT | Arrival of Workshops

Rubén Botta hit him from the outside and Rey saved.

15/04/2024, 20:16

13′ PT | New arrival of Independiente

Avalos again. The 9 headed wide.

15/04/2024, 20:13

10′ PT | First arrival of Independiente!

Good play by Rojo, which Ávalos could not finish successfully.

15/04/2024, 20:03

00′ PT | The match started! Independiente and Talleres are already playing!

15/04/2024, 19:50

Independent vs. is coming! Workshops!

15/04/2024, 19:40

Confirmed training for Workshops before Independiente

15/04/2024, 19:30

I followed the definition of Zone A of the League Cup LIVE

15/04/2024, 19:15

This is how Talleres arrived at the Libertadores de América-Ricardo Enrique Bochini

15/04/2024, 19:05

Confirmed training for Independiente before Talleres

Rodrigo Rey; Mauricio IslaJuan FedorcoJoaquin RibbonAyrton CostaAdrian Spörle; Ivan MarconeDavid MartínezLucas González; Alexis CaneloGabriel Avalos. DT: Carlos Tevez.

15/04/2024, 19:00

(VIDEO) Last Talleres match: draw vs. Barcelona of Ecuador

15/04/2024, 18:45

Last five Talleres games

  • 03/17: Banfield 0-0 Talleres | League Cup
  • 03/30: Workshops 1-0 Vélez | League Cup
  • 04/04: Workshops 2-1 San Pablo | Libertadores Cup
  • 06/04: Workshops 1-1 Independiente Rivadavia | League Cup
  • 10/04: Barcelona 2-2 Workshops | Libertadores Cup

15/04/2024, 18:35

The key pieces that Talleres recovered

Talleres plays the classification against Rojo. A victory will guarantee them a place in the League Cup playoffs. In that context, Walter Ribonetto received good news. Ruben Botta y Matías Catalánwho had presented some muscle discomfort after the duel against Barcelona in Guayaquil (2-2), recovered and both would be starters. Ramon Sosa, the team’s figure and top scorer in this tournament with five shouts, was in doubt due to a torn hamstring. The Paraguayan recovered faster than expected and, although he will not be able to be there from the start, he will go to the substitute bench.

15/04/2024, 18:25

The changes in Independiente to play the semester against Talleres

“We are going to play at home, with our people, and we have to take advantage of it. “We will fight until the end to try to get in.”, commented the Apache. The technician does not want to drown again on the shore. That was what happened to them in the last tournament, when they lost to Talleres in Córdoba 3-2 on the last date of the regular phase, a defeat that deprived the Avellaneda team of the possibility of advancing to the playoffs.

On this occasion, the coach lowered the load a little in practice to avoid making the mistake that affected the team on that occasion, when the players arrived exhausted for that duel at the Mario Kempes stadium due to the overexertion of the previous training sessions.

Carlos Tevez has a doubt in the middle: Johnny Quiñónez o David Martinez. Both fulfilled against Banfield (1-0), but one of the two would come out to make room for Federico Mancuellowho had not played against Drill due to poor performance. Gabriel Avaloswho has scored just one goal since arriving at the club, seems to be a permanent fixture at the top, while Alexis Canelo y Alex Luna They fight for a place.

15/04/2024, 18:15

(VIDEO) Last Independiente match: 1-0 vs. banfield

15/04/2024, 18:00

Independiente’s last five games

  • 03/09: Independiente 1-1 River | League Cup
  • 03/15: Deportivo Riestra 1-0 Independiente | League Cup
  • 03/22: Independiente 3-0 Laferrere | Argentine Cup
  • 03/31: Independiente 1-1 Atlético Tucumán | League Cup
  • 05/04: Banfield 0-1 Independiente | League Cup

15/04/2024, 17:40

The possible formation of Talleres to face Independiente

Guido Herrera; Gaston BenavidezMatias CatalanJuan RodríguezMiguel Navarro; Ulises OrthosisJuan At the gateMarcos Portillo; Rubén Botta; Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez and Frederick Girotti.

15/04/2024, 17:03

The possible formation of Independiente to face Talleres

Rodrigo Rey; Mauricio IslaJuan FedorcoJoaquin RibbonAyrton Costa; Lucas GonzalezIvan MarconeJohnny QuinonezAlex Luna; Alexis CaneloGabriel Avalos.

The photo that Independiente shared. (CAI Press)04/15/2024, 16:46

Where to watch the match between Independiente and Talleres for the League Cup?

The duel between Independiente and Talleres for date 14 of the League Cup will be broadcast on TV through the signal TNT Sports. In addition, you will be able to follow the minute by minute on the website of Oleas usual.

15/04/2024, 16:22

What time is the match between Independiente and Talleres for the League Cup?

The match between Rojo and T will be played this Monday, April 15 starting at 8:00 p.m. (Argentina time) at the Libertadores de América-Ricardo Enrique Bochini Stadium.

15/04/2024, 16:11

A great game is coming in Avellaneda!

At the Libertadores de América-Ricardo Enrique Bochini Stadium, on matchday 14 of Zone A of the League Cup, Carlos Tevez’s Independiente faces Walter Ribonetto’s Talleres. El Rojo is 5th with 22 points and must win to surpass T, which is 4th with 23 points. Follow him on Olé.

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