The high equestrian competition returns to Seville with the Spring Route of the Real Club Pineda

The Spring Route to the racecourse Real Club Pineda de Sevilla with two weekends that are the culmination of the equestrian season before summer. This edition of the Route represents a revalidation of the club’s commitment to the Nationals of large categories, which is why it has implemented the participatory incentive with a global financial award that exceeds 65,000 euros, and official tests in the second part of the Spring route with prizes comparable to National League GP.

The first of the competitions will begin tomorrow, at 9:30 a.m. until Sunday, April 28, with a 4* national competition in which there are 320 horses registered and more than 200 riders who will participate in a program composed of three official daily events designed by the track manager, Luis González, and four complementary tests that will take place in parallel. The first of tomorrow’s tests will be the highest, 1.40m. On the second day, the celebration of the Small Grand Prize, 1.25m., and on Sunday, the last day of the competition, the Grand Prize for 1.45m. The latter will distribute the most important prize of the first part of the Spring Route, 8,350 euros.

Among the participants in the competitions are some of the riders designated by the Real Federación Hípica Española as potentially selectable to represent Spain in the national teams in their categories throughout 2024, like the Sevillian Jaime Astolfi, in the Youth category, or Elena Appendino and Marta Garat within Young Riders. Although it will be the second part of the Spring Route, the CSN5* that will be held from May 3 to 6, which will serve the RFHE to monitor the riders in lower categories.

This 5*, the first of the two that the club will organize this year, has a program made up of twelve tests designed by Marcos Núñez, and will distribute a total amount of 40,705 euros in prizes, among which the Grand Prix on Saturday stands out, endowed with 5,250 euros, and the Big prize 1.50m on Sunday with a reward of 14,250 euros.

With the celebration of this new edition of the Spring Route, the Real Club Pineda de Sevilla revalidates its important commitment to the national competition, an intention that will resume after the summer with the Autumn Route at the end of September and whose second part, the CSN5*, will be scored for the National League, and the Spanish Veterans Championship in November.

2024-04-25 16:56:14
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