The Future of the UFC Light Heavyweight Division: Czech Fans Excited as Top Fighters Vie for Title

The events at the top of the UFC light heavyweight division (93 kg) are now very interesting for Czech fans. After the title, he reaches out there Jiří Procházka, who, after his spectacular victory over Aleksandar Rakić at UFC 300, talked about a rematch with Alex Pereira. But the Brazilian champion immediately let it be known that he does not like the rematch with the Czech samurai and would rather face new challenges. He now talked about the possibilities in the Trocação Franca show.

“If my next fight is too long, of course I would prefer to defend my belt. If it takes too long and I wrestle at heavyweight and get some injuries, then when would I defend the title? I don’t want to hold back the light heavyweight division.” he explained and admitted that the ideal scenario for him was a heavyweight fight at the upcoming UFC 301. Unfortunately, this option will not work out, as Alex has broken toes on both feet.

A fight with the interim heavyweight champion Thomas Aspinall but it is apparently still on the table. The Englishman recently informed fans via social media that his next match will be at the tournament in Manchester, which does not yet have a date. The opponent is also waiting. Pereira wouldn’t be against it, but he leaves the negotiations to his managers. “I’m like a fighting rooster, you put another rooster in front of me and we’ll fight. But we have to see what’s best for my career. I’m open to fighting anybody, but I’m not the one to decide.”

He does, however, give Aspinall credit for fueling interest in their fight together on social media. For example, a great moment from UFC 300.

Tom Aspinall Follows Alex Pereira | source: PHOTO: UFC

But if Pereira’s expedition to heavyweight does not get the green light, the most interesting challenger appears to be himself Magomed Ankalaev. But there is a catch, because the Dagestani would suggest a match at the October tournament in Abu Dhabi. “I don’t want to wrestle until the end of the year, I want to wrestle earlier,” she tells him Pereira with the fact that he will probably be able to train fully already in May. “Maybe it shows he won’t be ready. I don’t know why he said that. The guy is complicated.” he added to a colleague’s address. He himself would prefer the November tournament in New York, where it is not far from home and so far he is doing very well there. Who knows, maybe he will meet Jiří Procházka there in the end, just like last year.


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