The days of ‘Juanca’ Olave in Racing

Juan Carlos Olave He has been leading the team for three games Racing in the First National and all three were victories. A statistic that surprised everyone and everyone, and that chased away many critical voices prior to his assumption as his coach at the Nueva Italia club. The former goalkeeper doesn’t stop. He is fully involved in the life of the ‘academic’ team. And in the run-up to this afternoon’s duel in Cuyo lands, against Deportivo Maipú, for the 10th date of the contest, he spoke with PERFIL CÓRDOBA.

—Did your start in Racing exceed expectations?
—The truth is that when you start something new, you do it with the best of expectations and hoping that everything turns out as you intend. Logically you cannot imagine the ideal either. The ideal is to win, but knowing how complicated and competitive this tournament is. That’s why the work was important, trying to reach the players, convince them and help them.

—What did you like most about the team?
—The predisposition of the boys to give their all in each practice and in the games, convinced of what is proposed: at times it works and at times it doesn’t and the team has resources for when the moments are not what they thought in advance. There are things to improve, but if the player is convinced it is easier. Obviously the results help to get the message across.

—Did you feel like they were looking at you askance when you took over, because you had no experience in the category?
—What happens is that in Argentine soccer they always talk about experience and so on, everyone claims it. But the experience is made by walking, by living. We have the clearest example in the National Team and that destroyed prejudices about experience. The important thing is the capacity. Logically, we always have to improve and I will surely experience new things during this time, but it is true that those of us who make up the coaching staff have been in football for a long time and that helps. The inexperience came from being in charge of a First National team, but four years ago he was directing in Las Palmas. Every coach improves not just by reading or watching, but by training. And in these four years I feel that I have evolved in a lot of things. This time gave me experience and I will continue to gain it until the day I no longer direct.

—What is the objective in Racing?
—The one who has the club and has already marked it. We have to try to right ourselves as a team, become a reliable team. here there is no
individual objectives, we are all after the club’s objective. Racing has its history and has been recovering ground. We hope to be collaborators in that recovery.

—Did you hear the rumors about Belgrano’s supposed interest in Bruno Nasta? What would it mean if they take the scorer?
—The rumor is there and I spoke with Bruno. He told me that there is nothing and that he has his mind set on Racing. That gives us peace of mind, because we notice it well and we see it training day by day. Given the rumor, we spoke with the leaders and they told us that there was no communication. We are only focused on Racing and the upcoming game.


“I acquired things from all the coaches I had. I always had technicians with whom the order of the team was fundamental. I had ‘Ruso’ (Ricardo Zielinski), ‘Rama’ (Carlos Ramacciotti), Carlos Timoteo Griguol, Mario Gómez; types who made order and balance the essence. And I share that,” said ‘Juanca’ in a statement of principles of his method, following the legacy of his teachers. In that sense, he explained: “A team that attacks a lot and defends poorly is not a complete team and the same if it defends well and attacks poorly. Balance makes you a reliable team.” Continuing with that framework, he highlighted: “’Rama’ was ahead of its time. As he trains today, ‘Rama’ did it 25 years ago, with the excellent school that was Renato Cesarini. He brought all that, plus his imprint, verbiage, his closeness with the player. These are things that I try to incorporate, beyond my personality. With the ‘Russian’ and the ‘Bug’ (Rubén Flotta), patience, temperance at any time, winning or losing, they kept calm and then they fixed it during the week. These are things that I saw and that reach the player and do them good. I’m not as calm as the Russian, but I try to apply it. And then, also, we had a great teacher like Griguol.”

—What a detail that, in your first experience in the First National, the tournament is in tribute to Griguol…
-How are things! For us, with Darío (Cavallo, field assistant), who is her nephew, it is a source of pride. For us, Timoteo was a master of soccer and was our reference in the neighborhood and in Las Palmas, which is why being competing in our first tournament in the Primera Nacional that bears his name is a source of satisfaction.

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