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▲ Gignac’s annoyance was evident when coach Dante Siboldi decided to replace him in the second half, in the match against Monterrey. Photo @TigresOficial


What an unexpected blow, straight to the jaw. Argentine coach Gerardo Tata Martino was angry about the elimination of Inter Miami and wanted to hit where it hurt, and boy did he achieve it, because not every day someone dares to say that the Liga Mx only serves to give atole with the finger… and few joys. Their champions and most powerful teams help the national team little or nothing because they are full of foreign players… Whether they admit it or not, Martino told the truth. It is true that the defeat against Monterrey affected him, however, after taking the reins of the Tri from Brazil 2018 to Qatar 2022, he knows what he’s talking about.

Martino can be criticized for many things about his soulless management, but from time to time he uttered forceful and irrefutable phrases: In August 2019, he stated that Mexico is a second-level team, and that it was not easy to climb to the top step, something which in recent years only Spain achieved. Apparently, he never believed in the tricolor potential because, in fact, he never saw serious work in the basic forces. Today, Juan Carlos Bomba Rodríguez, high commissioner of soccer, assures that the Tri will reach the front line, does anyone believe him?… Isn’t the crudeness of the Tataeven if it hurts?

Monterrey, Tigres and América can swim in money, and win the Concachampions, Liga Mx or Leagues Cup, but everything will be based on the purchase of players and almost no projection of their youth players. In the yellow club it caused sting and there was a response supposedly supported by artificial intelligence (AI), although it was not so intelligent when boasting the contribution of its teams: Henry Martín, who emerged in Venados; Julián Quiñones, naturalized Colombian and taken from the Atlas; Luis Malagón and Salvador Reyes, products of the Morelia Club; Israel Reyes, of red-and-black birth; Kevin Álvarez, with a thick heart…

Those predatory sharks spend their time stripping the small fish of the little talent they have, they take away their jewels in exchange for money to survive and that is why the league is a nullity at the bottom of the standings, without the suspense that was previously imposed by the fight to avoid relegation… Close to the end of the tournament, on Saturday the longed-for emotion overflowed. Toluca – another wasteful team – was overwhelmed, their defense is terrible and they granted the Águilas all kinds of facilities to have a feast, but the Devils were not awarded a penalty and the goal for 3-1 fell out of bounds. place… Not even the VAR is reliable anymore.

Chivas, it has always been said, is the true sensor of Mexican football, although it has not produced players for a while and for this competition it returned Javier to its ranks Chicharito Hernández, more like a box office magnet or a relic than a serious contribution; However, he won three wins and is fighting with Pachuca, Tigres and the surprising Necaxa for a direct ticket to the quarterfinals, to avoid the ridiculous invention called play-inwhich only seeks money for the television stations… Rayados and Tigres provided a great game with a thrilling finale and with Nahuel Guzmán, crazy, launching laser rays from a box.

The felines lived a fateful week with double unpleasantness. The Columbus Crew kicked them out of the Concacaf Champions Cup, and Monterrey stripped them of the victory in the last breath to sign a draw… Crude reality: God time does not forgive, whether it is Lionel Messi (36 years old) or André Pierre Gignac (38). His agile and powerful minds no longer find an echo in his slow, tired legs. But it was not until Saturday’s game when UANL coach Dante Siboldi dared to take the Frenchman off the field, highly criticized after losing to Columbus, where he missed a clear option and a penalty kick.

The boos for Leo at the Gigante de Acero stadium were little compared to what the Rosario endured in his last time with Paris Saint Germain, just a year ago the boos sounded at the top of his lungs in the Parc des Princes, then it was already Their actions are pitiful, their performance is poor… In the Liga Mx Femenil everything is going the same, the usual ones lead the table: Tigres, Monterrey, Pachuca, América and Chivas… The delicacy will be the return games of the quarterfinals of the Champions League : Barcelona hosts PSG; Borussia Dortmund to Atlético de Madrid, Bayer Munich to Arsenal and ManCity to Real Madrid.

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