The BoP for the 6 Hours of Imola revealed by the WEC

Unlike last year, the BoP (balance of performance) of the Hypercar category is reassessed after each race. For the second round of the season, the 6 Hours of Imola on April 21, a new BoP table has been published by the WEC, and all cars are impacted in a positive way (less weight, more power), except the Peugeot 9X8, which ran in Qatar at the start of the season with its original version.

The evolution of the French prototype, with tires now of different widths at the front and rear, like its counterparts, and a rear wing, will debut in Italy. The 9X8 ends up with 31 kg more than at Losail (1,061 kg) and 10 kW less (510 kW). It will undoubtedly take at least one race for the French team to have a BoP consistent with its performance on the track.

Compared to the Qatari race, it is the Ferrari 499P and the Toyota GR010 which lose the most weight, respectively 34 kg and 29 kg. This should put them back in contention for victory at Imola. The Hypercar that gains the most power is the Cadillac V-Series.R, an additional 18 kW. As for the Porsche 963s, which dominated the opening round with a hat-trick, they lost 15 kg and gained 3 kW. Ultimately, the lightest Hypercar is the Cadillac (1,030 kg) and the most powerful is the Isotta Fraschini (520 kW).


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