The Big Apple Showdown: Knicks vs. Nets – A Clash of NBA Titans

Grand finale in the Big Apple or, from a German perspective, Schröder vs. Hartenstein is the name of our Knicks vs. Nets tip in the NBA. The conditions could hardly be more different for the two New York teams.

While the Nets no longer have a chance of making the playoffs, the Knicks are still fighting with the Bucks for the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. Very few experts and fans would have thought that before the season.

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So the Knickerbockers are of course the big favorites in this game, which we can also see from the odds. Only outstanding performances from Dennis Schröder or Cam Thomas could perhaps change that.

All in all, our prediction for New York vs. Brooklyn is a clear home win for the Knicks, although we think Dennis Schröder will score over 20 points again. As soon as he can play without pressure, the German often surpasses himself.

New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets Quoten | 3 Top-Tipps

Betting odds as of April 12, 2024, 10:03

The first tip-off of this Big Apple duel is on Saturday night at 1:30 a.m. in New York. It is one of two NBA tips from the betting base on Friday today and there are interesting NBA tips in the program again at the weekend.

New York Knicks – Statistics & Current Form

The Knicks have recovered and stopped their slide in the Eastern Conference table with three wins in a row. Since the other teams are also stumbling, they still have a good chance of becoming the number 2 seed in the East with their 48:32 record.

At least their home advantage in playoff round 1 is unlikely to be taken away from them. A win on Friday night against the Nets is enough. The motivation for New York is there, which is also one of their big advantages for this game.

Brunson having a monster season

One reason for the Knicks’ strong season is of course Jalen Brunson, who has clearly increased his level after his Mavs time and is putting up 28.6 points per game. In his last five games, Brunson scored 35, 35, 43, 45 and 39 points.

So the first possible betting option for New York vs. Brooklyn is a tip on over 31.5 points from Brunson. We even have another one on the same team, as Isaiah Hartenstein also recently impressed with four double-digit points in four games.

For Knicks vs. Nets, Hartenstein’s odds of over 8.5 points are also a nice option, as the German center has played over 28 minutes recently.

Tips on Knicks also in play

Even if the handicap in favor of New York is very high here at -10.5, the Knicks should still be able to cover it. We expect that at least Schröder and Thomas will fight back, but the rest of the Nets team doesn’t have the class to keep up.

Tips on New York -10.5 are therefore an option, especially since the Knicks recently defeated the Bulls, the Knicks and the Kings by this margin – the Celtics then by nine points.

Key Players:

PG: Jalen Brunson
SG: Donte DiVincenzo
SF: Josh Hart
PF: AND Anunoby
C: Isaiah Hartenstein

Last New York Knicks games:

Brooklyn Nets – Statistics & Current Form

You can feel a little sorry for Dennis Schröder this season (if we look at it in sporting terms and not financially), because he came from Toronto to Brooklyn and thus from rain to rain.

He sees a lot of minutes there, but he can’t celebrate victories too often. After all, the Nets recently won three of four games – even if this primarily came against non-playoff teams. However, the win against the Pacers can be interpreted as a small statement.

Nets weaker than the Knicks in all respects

However, the Knicks are now of a completely different caliber and are in even better shape than Brooklyn with four wins from their last five games. They also have the best player in the matchup in their ranks, Jalen Brunson.

The Knicks also lead the Nets in rebounds (45.3 to 44.1), points (112.7 to 110.7) and defense (112.3 to 115.4 points allowed). at. Only when it comes to blocks is Brooklyn with 5.2, just ahead of New York with 4.1 per game.

All eyes on the player bets

We have already proclaimed the Knicks as the clear favorites. However, if you don’t like betting on such a big handicap, we have numerous exciting player bets in this game. Starting with the aforementioned Brunson, our trail also leads to Dennis Schröder.

He recently scored 21 points against the Raptors and four days before that 24 points against the Pistons. Both opponents cannot be classified as first-class, but Dennis has also been turning up the heat again and again, especially against strong opponents.

In New York against Brooklyn, the odds of at least 15 points for the German are a really good chance of getting top value, as the betting providers are very cautious when it comes to his number of points.

Key Players:

PG: Dennis Schröder
SG: Cam Thomas
SF: Mikal Bridges
PF: Dorian Finney-Smith
C: Nicolas Claxton

Brooklyn Nets last games:

Our New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets tip in odds comparison April 13, 2024 – 1/2

Betting odds as of April 12, 2024, 2:24 p.m

New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets Direct comparison / H2H balance

This matchup has been a clear affair lately in favor of the Knicks, who have won all of the last five duels. Four of these five wins also came with a double-digit margin, which is what we now expect on Friday night.

However, it is currently somewhat fashionable in the NBA for the favorites to slow down a little and rest players in the end and so the winning margin can fall again. The Nets would certainly take advantage of that, as they don’t want to get hit in the Battle of New York.

In New York against Brooklyn, a tip on the Nets -10.5 points is just about playable. However, we wouldn’t give them much more of a handicap in this game.

Stat highlights for New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets

Betting base forecast & New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets tip

The Knicks lead just about every statistic, they have more at stake, and they play at home in Madison Square Garden (although New York remains New York, of course). Those are enough points to put the Knickerbockers clearly ahead here.

Our No. 1 recommendation for the Knicks vs. Nets is still a tip for at least 15 points from Dennis Schröder, which he should put on given his current form. In addition, Schröder certainly wants to take revenge for his only nine points from the last duel.

Key-Facts – New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets Tipp

  • The Knicks are in third place in the East with a 48:32 record
  • With an average of 45.3, the Knicks grab the fourth-most rebounds per game
  • Dennis Schröder scored over 20 points twice in his last three games

A tip alternative in this matchup is also Knicks -10.5. The men around Jalen Brunson would have to be able to cover this number, even if Schröder had a good day.

New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets – beste Quoten NBA

Sieg New York Knicks: 1.21 @Betano
Draw: 7 p.m. @Bet-at-home
Sieg Brooklyn Nets: 5.10 @Betano

Odds probabilities for win New York Knicks / draw / win Brooklyn Nets:

New York Knicks – Brooklyn Nets – betting odds * & other interesting bets at a glance:

Over/Under 210.5 total points
Over 210.5 points: 1.91 @Bwin
Under 210.5 points: 1.91 @Bwin

Betting odds as of April 12, 2024, 10:03

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