Tatarusanu nightmare in Arabia, Frimpong and Adli: celebration and cannabis, Pogba’s kidnapper leaves prison. The broken dream of Balotelli and Patrick Vieira

There are eight matchdays to go until the end of Serie A, Simone Inzaghi’s Inter are now one step away from the second star with Nerazzurri Milan preparing for the big party. In the Bundesliga the Bayern Leverkusen of miracles has now left only the dust to Bayern Munich while in the Spanish La Liga Carletto Ancelotti is still in charge. The attention of football fans is often drawn to the major European championships with the Premier League always keeping them in suspense.

Tatarusanu: eight goals conceded in one match and worst goalkeeper in the championship

However, if you want to see something different, venture into the magical world of the Saudi Pro League where Ciprian Tatarusanu decided to make history. In the championship match againstAl Nassr Of Cristiano Ronaldo the former AC Milan goalkeeper conceded 8 goals, the final score being 8-0. The former Rossoneri defends the goal ofAbhaa team that has the worst defense in the championship with an average of 3 goals conceded every 90 minutes. Tatarusanu in the match against CR7 he made his opponents’ job easier with a series of sensational ducks, making the defeat even more bitter. And who knows that due to some strange dynamics of the transfer market the former goalkeeper Milan do not return to Italy.

Ciprian Tatarusanu (Ph Radio Rossonera)

Celebration of the year: rolling a joint and smoking it

FromSaudi Arabia we move in Germania where the wonderful Bayern Leverkusen Of Xabi Alonso it’s getting closer and closer to the title, but if you still can’t be surprised, stop. On April 1st in Germany the possession of marijuana for recreational use. Well, on April 3rd, Leverkusen secured their place in the German Cup final by winning 4-0 against Fortuna Dusseldorf. They also scored Jeremie Frimpong e Amine Adli who decided to celebrate the great news by miming rolling a joint and smoking it. According to many it is already the celebration of the year.

Frimpong Adli celebrates (Ph Sports Brief)

One of the men who kidnapped Pogba and his brother Mathias is released from prison

There are those who had forgotten Paul Pogba and who lies, after the disqualification for doping the midfielder of Juventus has ended up forgotten, but in recent days we have returned to talking about French due to the extortion that Paul underwent the 19 March 2022. The Juventus midfielder was robbed in the Paris suburbs by two men, who after kidnapping him asked 13 million euros as a ransom. The two people identified later turned out to belong to a gang belonging to the same neighborhood of Paris where he grew up Pogba when I was a child. According to the investigations carried out by the investigators, the two criminals had also agreed to ask for an even higher ransom, the two would have been framed by some chats present in the messages they had exchanged before carrying out the kidnapping.

Paul Pogba (Ph Facebook)

It’s news these days, as reported The teamthat one of the two suspects, Adam C., last week he was released from prison. Pogba’s brother was also involved in the ransom robbery, Mathiasand in the trial there are up to six defendants who, up to now, are the only one still in prison Roushdane K..

Nostalgia for the French Riviera: Balotelli leaves Nice for Vieira

Among the nostalgia of the Costa Azzurra and the good times gone by Nice, Mario Balotelli remembers his life in France. The attacker currently playing forAdana Demirspor he told So Foot the real reasons why he decided to leave the Nice: “I lived in Villefranche and it was crazy. I had a smile every day because mine was a dream life, really. The problem was the way Patrick Vieira wanted to play. He didn’t really suit my characteristics. I didn’t have any problems with him, I got along well, simply on a sporting level but I didn’t agree with what he said. If I hadn’t had these problems with him I would never have left Nice. I was really happy there“. Who knows what the fans will think Nice.

Mario Balotelli (Ph the Napolista)

See you next Saturday, same place, same time.

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