Swiss 3×3 Team Eyes Olympic Ticket after Victory over Austria

The Swiss 3×3 team can still hope to get their ticket to the Paris Olympics this weekend. In Hong Kong, she won her second match of the qualifying tournament against Austria (19-18).

The game started very badly for the Swiss, however, quickly trailing 4-0. We had to wait for two free throws from Jonathan Dubas to see them score their first points.

The Swiss team then held on and took advantage of numerous Austrian mistakes to stay in contact. A winning shot from Dubas then allowed Switzerland to equalize at 17-17, before Marco Lehmann gave his colors the victory with a decisive lay-up.

To qualify for the semi-finals, the Swiss will have to win by a good margin in their third and final group match against Hong Kong. This meeting is scheduled for 2:50 p.m. Swiss time.


2024-04-13 23:04:57
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