SVN Girls Make History as Undefeated National Champions

The SVN girls were able to win the title of national champions undefeated. Well-known teams such as the defending champions of the last three years, the Kampfgemeinschaft VfLGrasdorf/Judo Team Hannover, were narrowly defeated 4:3.

The Crokodiles Osnabrück were also beaten 4:3 after an exciting encounter. Very concentrated, the girls were able to defeat the Visbeck/Salzberg team with a score of 5:2 and even achieved a 6:1 victory against MTV Elze in the fourth fight. This meant that the title could no longer be taken.

Highly motivated by their SVN predecessors, the German champions from 2018, the little young fighters also wanted to win their first big title, which they succeeded in doing! With a strong team performance and the support of the U13 boys, who fought for sixth place, the girls were cheered on to victory.

The coaching team is really proud of the unified performance of the U13 girls and boys teams.

Photo: Sandra Edling

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2024-04-16 13:41:59
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