Sumar asks the Government to promote the exclusion of Israel from the Paris Olympic Games

Sumar has registered a non-law proposal in Congress that calls on the Government to promote before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) the exclusion of Israel from the Paris Games of this summer before himto “massacre” that is being perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

The Sumar Sports spokesperson, Nahuel Gonzalez (IU), pointed out in a press conference in the chamber that It is not acceptable that there be “a double standard of measurement” and, therefore, the ban on Russia from participating in the Olympics must also apply to Israel.

The proposal, which those of Yolanda Díaz have not yet discussed with their government partner to obtain their support, seeks to veto the official delegation of the State of Israel as long as it continues “military aggression on the population of Gaza“.

As explained by the spokesperson, this initiative is not against athletes, who can participate in the Games under another flag other than their own, as has already happened before.

In fact, he COI will allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the Paris Olympics under neutral flag as long as they do not “actively” support the invasion of Ukraine, a decision that Ukrainian athletes did not like.

2024-04-11 10:08:32
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