Students Shine in National Pioneer Cups and School Games in Sancti Spíritus

Hundreds of students from different categories participated in the National Pioneer Cups and a phase of the e-School and Youth Games

Representatives of archery gathered in Sancti Spíritus.

While a good part of the students enjoy their week of teaching recess, hundreds of others, as happens every year in this segment of April, sweat, compete and socialize in the National Pioneer Cups and a phase of the School and Youth Games, which They concluded this Saturday throughout the country.

In the case of Sancti Spíritus, archery representatives have met at the archery complex, located in the Olivos II area and where the little ones meet with the youth. The other sport that has animated the land of Yayabo is school skating, based at the skatedrome.

Outside its borders, the rest of the venues host various disciplines such as judo, weightlifting, Basque pelota, artistic gymnastics, tennis, athletics, pentathlon, canoeing, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, synchronized swimming and baseball.

Sancti Spíritus is represented in these events by more than 140 students: 95 in the National Pioneer Cups, 35 in the school category in the sports of field hockey, pentathlon and skating; and 14 in national youth competitions, the latter in baseball five (qualifier) ​​and archery.

According to Ketty Cruz, head of the Sports Organization and Programming Department at the Provincial Sports Sector in Sancti Spíritus, the pioneers attended in twelve of the fourteen disciplines called, except for Basque pelota and synchronized swimming. “Here the student-athletes who are incorporated into the practice in the different areas in the different sports teams that exist in all the municipalities compete because it is a requirement of this event, as it is also that to award the places the expiration of the pedagogical objectives, first, and then the sporting result.”

Previously and as a strategy of the province, the cups were held at the municipal and provincial level and those classified concentrated on the EIDE Lino Salabarría to carry out a more rigorous preparation for the national competition.

In this context, the ninth National Regional Special Education Olympiad, based in Camagüey, made the news, and in which Sancti Spíritus took first place with 11 medals: five gold, three silver and the same number of bronze. in various sports.

Among the standouts figure World Olympics multi-medalist Yoandry Beltran, who won gold, along with track and field representatives Alianileisdy Lugones Garcia, in 400 meters flat, Level C, and in the 800 meters flat in level C; the pair of Daileny Garcia Leiva and Maidalis Gallardo Casanova, badminton.

Elisabeth Rodríguez Hernández (also achieved bronze) and Yonathan Lamauth Alvarado, in athletics, also stood out with silver; weightlifter Beianna Melissa Padrón Rivero and Yoandy Ledesma Serrano, with bronze, as did the five baseball team.

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