STB Le Havre Emerges Victorious in Hauts-de-Seine Battle with Explosive Attack

Fabrice Courcier’s protégés fought a great battle in Hauts-de-Seine, displaying an attractive side to achieve a major success. Thanks to an explosive attack – more than 100 points scored – and unfailing mastery, the STB was always one step ahead of Rueil to confirm its current good dispositions and scored a sixth victory in the last seven met.

Bigote goes wild

The attack was on point, the collective was in tune and the turnover was rather efficient, so much so that Le Havre was in the top of its rankings. Channeling the Rueille outside sector, the visitors gave the impression (6-9, 4th; 13-11, 6th). If the RAC set the tempo, the STB drew on the strong beat driven by Valentin Bigote to take up the torch and mark its territory. Le Havre pulled out all the stops to score, in the middle of the second quarter, 11 points including two three-pointers. A boon for the STB to sow discord in the opposing camp (33-29, 12th; 33-40, 14th).

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We had to work until the last second

If the Rueillois were not to be outdone, Thomas and others maintained a hellish pace, at least in attack, to deliver a new acceleration and offer themselves a comfortable lead (44-48, 18th; 46-59, 22nd) . If the Ile-de-France residents remained in ambush, it was difficult for them to stop the Le Havre offensives, where Kayembe and Bigote took care of the seinomarine address (51-65, 24th).

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If the threat from Rueille was still lurking (58-68, 26th), Le Havre maintained diligence and offensive consistency (72-81, 31st; 82-93, 36th). Despite a final last stand from the locals (87-93, 37th; 97-99, 39th) Saint-Thomas did not tremble to deliver the blow to the free throw line by Thomas (97-101). If the victory was not big enough than the first leg (94-72), it has major importance, since it allows Le Havre to punch their ticket for the play-offs

In Rueil, STB Le Havre beats Rueil 101 to 97 (55-46)

(26-22, 20-33, 24-26, 27-20)

Rueil: Benitez 25 points, Omari 13, Lanaras 25, Morency 14, Ricard 4 then Sylla 4, Gneze 12.

STB Le Havre: Thomas 12 points, Ona Embo 5, Bigote 22, Var 11, Raposo 2 then Kayembe 16, Nebot 2, Nseke Ebele 19, Hannequin 10, Diop

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