Stars Under Injury Clouds as NBA Playoffs Approach: Impact on Final Play-In Matches and Title Contention

In the early hours of this Saturday they dispute the final play-in matchesthose who will give the last tickets to the playoffs as eighth classified in the respective conferences, and The NBA is awaiting the medical reports. For those matches and for the subsequent playoffs for the ring. Stars between cottons whose presence or not can modify the panorama of the fight for the title.

The Heat will not have Jimmy Buttler and Terry Rozier in their ‘final’ against the Bulls. The first of them suffered a sprain of the medial collateral ligament of the right knee during the loss to the Sixers. He is expected to be out for several weeks, so his team could be eliminated when he recovers. For those of Chicago, the presence of Alex Caruso is in doubt due to a severe ankle sprain.

Zion Williamson continued to feed his bad luck by getting injured in the game against the Lakers. He had the best performance of his NBA career (40 points and 11 rebounds), but He injured the hamstrings in his left leg when there were just over three minutes left. He will miss the decisive duel against the Kings to take eighth place. Those from Sacramento also have their own thing by not being able to count on Malik Monk and Kevin Huerterwho also play in the same position, that of shooting guard.

Beyond the final play-in games, there is concern about some stars who have been injured relatively recently. Giannis Antetokoumpo injured the soleus in his left leg and may not be able to play for the Bucks in the entire first round against the Pacers. He might force himself to play a game if his team’s situation is very difficult.

Kawhi and his injuries surrounded by mystery

Seeing the antecedents, we also have to start trembling with Kawhi Leonard, whose physical problems are often surrounded by mystery. He missed the final eight games of the regular season and hasn’t played since March 31.but little is known about its right knee. “Progress has been made, but “The inflammation is persistent and must continue to reduce so that he can perform functional basketball movements.”said Lawrence Frank, Clippers president of basketball operations. The Angelenos will face Doncic’s Mavericks and Kawhi’s participation in the first game is still an unknown.

Who most and who least has their ailments at this point in the season. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have also been touched in the last dates of a campaign in which The NBA launched its player participation policy. To avoid breaks, the stars They had to play a minimum of 65 games to be eligible for individual awards such as MVP, Defensive Player of the Year and be part of the best quintets of the season. Some of them have participated in more meetings than in their entire careers or at least in recent years. Has the NBA turned against the norm or is it just bad luck?

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