Spanish Tennis Players Dwindle at the Conde de Godó Tournament: A Look Back at 1978

You have to go back to 1978 to find the last time that only eight Spanish tennis players appeared in the individual draw of the Conde de Godó tournament. On that occasion they were Lorenzo Fargas, Álvaro Margets, Antonio Muñoz, Juan Torralbo, José Higueras, Fernando Luna, Ángel Giménez and Javier Soler.

The trend of losing players and not finding replacements is experienced once again in the Barcelona classic. The 25 of 1998 are very far away.

With the resignation of Carlos Alcaraz, only eight local players will act as hosts, of which four of them, Martín Landaluce, Dani Rincón, Roberto Bautista and Albert Ramoshave received an invitation to enter the fray.

Oriol Roca was the only one of the eight members of the ‘Armada’ who had passed the first round of the qualifying phase. He lost this Sunday in the second against Duje Ajdukovic, by a double 6-4. On the first day on Saturday they said goodbye Nicolás Álvarez Varona, Max Alcalá, Nikolás Sánchez Izquierdo, David Jordà, Pol Martín, Bernabé Zapata and Pablo Llamas.

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