SIG Strasbourg Grabs Precious Victory Against BCM Gravelines Dunkerque

SIG Strasbourg hosted BCM Gravelines Dunkerque as part of the 29th day of Betclic ELITE with the aim of continuing the series of victories at home. In a match far from simple, but won in the fight, the SIGmen snatched a precious victory 68 to 65.


Ninth in the standings at the start of this match, SIG Strasbourg had the opportunity to re-enter the Betclic ELITE Top 8 in the event of a victory. Undefeated at Rhenus Sport in 2024, Massimo Cancellieri’s players hoped to continue this series. For its part, BCM Gravelines needed to win in order to give themselves some breathing room from the relegation zone. Fifteenth, coach Prat’s players arrived in Alsace with a knife between their teeth 6 days before the end of the regular season.


Q#1 :
The 6,166 members of the SIGARmy present for this match saw a balanced start to the debate. The BCM backs found the net, but the Brooks/McGee pair responded to change the situation. So, it was hardly surprising to see the two teams neck and neck after 4′: 8-7. Our SIG Strasbourg took a 3-point lead (12-9, 5′), but clearly all these beautiful people were playing eye to eye and it was difficult to say who was doing a little better in the game. Landry Nnoko was showed value on the Maritimes side (6pts-4rbs), but opposite Nysier was incisive in responding to him. Unfortunately, while we were leading 16-13 in the 8th minute, the visitors finished strong by scoring a 2-7 to gain some momentum. Be careful not to let them settle in… End of 1st quarter: 18-22 (eval: 23-27).
Q#2: The run before the break
Dan Akin calmed everything down as soon as he returned to play, but the BCM players were focused and did not lose focus. Everyone was actively participating among the Blues and Oranges and it was clear that our defense was being put to the test: 24-27, 14’… Difficult, but far from insurmountable. By scoring 5 points in 1′, Hugo Invernizzi did us good, but opposite the Gravelinois interiors were invaluable in helping their team which was leading after 15′: 26-29. Coach C then put Quinton Hooker back into play and our leader helped us increase our level of play to pass a 7-0 which called for a time-out 3′ from the break from the BCM staff: 33-31, 17 ‘. The boost was real and the run even increased to 14-2 thanks to Léo Cavalière who passed 6pts, 2rbs, 2pds and 1int in 2’ to offer us a nice mattress at the Mi-temps: 40-31 (éval: 57-39).
Q#3: The awakening of the Corsairs
On the other hand, the return from the break was the opposite of our expectations. Kris Clyburn was heating up and in his wake it was the entire Gravelines team that was hurting us. So a 2-13 literally folded the cards and above all put our opponent back in control. Incredible…42-44, 24′. Frustration was gaining on our players and the Maritimes were happily taking advantage of it to hurt us. So, when the quarter score was 4 to 20 after 7′ everyone was stunned. Nothing was coming in, nothing was going our way and the quarter that was going on was quite painful. Running out of fuel, our team was struggling and frankly we were very happy to see two baskets come in to finish the game. 3rd quarter: 48-53 (eval: 56-62).
Q#4: forceps!
Coach C didn’t like the way things were going and he gave the keys to the truck to the two most prominent warriors, Leo and Quinton. The duo brought a little calm and serenity upon returning to the floor and thanks to them we managed to regain the lead to lead 7′ from the end: 54-53, 33′. The refereeing was also quite disconcerting, but we must not fall into the trap. Whatever the elements we had to fight against, it was obvious that the fight would be tough until the last second. A triple from Quinton, then another from Tyrus and the whole team went into commando mode. A 9-1 gave us some breathing space and so with 1’12 remaining the opposing coach had to take a time-out: 66-61, 38’45. Clyburn was hurting us until the end. He brought his team back to a tiny point 5.7 seconds from the end (66-65) and Rhenus was trembling… Especially when Paul dropped two shots on the way… But Boris wasn’t trembling and locked in a victory with forceps on the FINAL SCORE OF 68-65 (éval: 83-68).
Precious victory for SIG Strasbourg which returns to the top 8 relying on a Quinton Hooker in multi-tasking mode (9pts-5rbs-5pds-3ints), on the energy of Léo Cavalière, the desire of Nysier Brooks or even Boris Dallo’s view. Nothing was easy and the match will not go down in the annals of the club, but who cares, the main thing is indeed the victory!
The match in speed
SIG Strasbourg – BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque: 68-65 Rhenus Sport: 6166 spectators Referees: MM. Bissuel, Soares and Gaduel Periods: 18-22, 22-9 (halftime: 40-31), 8-22 (48-53), 20-12.

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