Sergi Roberto Addresses Controversy Surrounding FC Barcelona’s Unity and Captaincy

Sergi Robertofirst captain of FC Barcelona, all controversy regarding the statements of Ilkay Gundogan y Ronald Araujo on the controversial expulsion of the Uruguayan defender in the match against Paris Saint Germain. Before the Movistar + cameras, the one from Reus insisted on the unity of the Barça dressing room in a ‘Media Day’ prior to the Classic on Sunday (9 p.m./LaLiga TV on Movistar +) against the Real Madrid: “In the end those statements have brought external noise but nothing in the locker room. We are very united. Gündogan He explained what happened in the game, but without any intention of pointing fingers at anyone. I think everyone wants to win and’Gündo‘Since he arrived, what he has done in the locker room is only add and help the team win but nothing more. Don’t look for problems where there aren’t any. This year, what has led us to give a good image away from home in Europe is thanks to the unity of the team. What has happened is not going to change anything. “We are very prepared and looking forward to playing Sunday’s game.”

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Sergi Roberto He also emphasized that there has been an internal conversation but without further ado: “No meeting is necessary. In the end we are together all day in the locker room. We have talked about the external noise to clarify that there is no problem. We are a family .After an elimination in the ChampionsThere will always be noise and more in a club like this, but Gündogan He didn’t do it to point fingers at anyone. If they talk, they can clarify it. I have read that the locker room is divided and far from it. “We are very united and on Sunday, we are prepared to fight as if it were a final.”

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