Second Division Basketball Championship Round of 16 Playoffs Set to Begin with Exciting Matchups

With the participation of the 16 teams of the tournament, the round of 16 playoffs of the Second Division basketball championship begin this Friday.

From 9 pm the eight games will be played at the beginning of the path towards obtaining direct promotion for the champion and the playoffs.

Precisely, the loser of the final will play a playoff against the 11th of the First Division, while the other chance for promotion will be for the losers of the semifinals, who will play against each other and the winner will go with the 10th of the First.



The first instance will be played in the best of three and the remaining in five.

Nacional, which was number 1 in the regular phase, will face La Falda (16th) today, with the exception that this match will be played on the Napostá field (320 Alem Avenue).

Directed by Mariano Enrique, Juan Jaramillo and Joel Schernenco.

El Nacional won both games against La Falda: 109-74 and 83-42.

The tournament’s guard, Altense, will animate a cross between Puntaltense teams against Ateneo (15th), whom they beat in the regular phase by 71-53 and 89-57.

The referees will be Horacio Sedan, Joaquin Irrazábal and Mauro Guallán.

Independiente (3rd) will host Deportivo Whiteense (14th), in another case in which the owner of the sporting advantage won the duels of the qualifying stage: 95-72 and 96-73.

In our city the Barracas crossing (4th) will also be played against Comercial (13th), at the North Sports Center (Vieytes 2,700).

“El Bosque” won the two regular phase games, 91-87 in extra time (79) and 91-79.

The referees will be Emanuel Sánchez, Ariel Mallimaci and Sam Inglera.

For its part, Sportivo Bahiense (5th) will host Speed ​​and Resistance (12th), with the controller of Alejandro Ramallo, Alejandro Vizcaíno and Lucas Mazzarini.

Sportivo defeated Speed ​​in the two previous games: 78-58 and 101-66.

Argentino, the sixth classified, will face Bahía Basket (11th), in a match that will be refereed by Marjorie Stuardo, Néstor Schernenco and Alberto Arlenghi.

The Holdich street team won the qualifying phase, 93-75 and 93-85.

The debutant Barrio Hospital (7th) will receive Pellegrini from Punta Alta (10th), in a match that will be played on the Alem club’s court (Azara 598).

This duel poses a certain parity since both were won at home. First, the team from the neighboring city won by 76-73 and then the team from Bahia won by 70-63.

The referees Sebastián Giannino, Juan Cruz Schernenco and Marcelo Gordillo direct.

And in another of the keys between two Puntaltense clubs, Los Andes (8th) and Espora (9th) will play.

In this case, Los Andes beat him on the first opportunity by 79 to 69 and also in the second round by 82 to 65.

The referees will be Eduardo Ferreyra, Ariel Di Marco and Leonardo Bressan.

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