Salvation passes through Fontajau

Salvation passes through Fontajau

Luckily, tonight’s game is played in Fontajau, the stage where Básquet Girona is building a permanent presence that could be official if the Katsikaris bend the Surne Bilbao Basket (8:45 p.m., M+Dep4) i l’workshop and the Brogán they lose The Girona side, who are also not experiencing excessive anxiety because they have an accumulated cushion of good times, have suffered five consecutive defeats. Especially dramatic is their performance at home, where they haven’t won since the beginning of November. So it is next to the fans where it has been forbidden to see his name written in the red zone. The triumphs against Breogán, Andorra, GranadaObradoiro i Valencia valen or.

Against the set of Jaume Ponsarnau, winning is imperative if he doesn’t want his legs shaking this season finale. The margin of two victories is sweet, but with four duels to play, it is not enough to dance with joy. There will be periods of this. Now, it’s time to regain credibility, despite the absences: the doubts ofIke Iroegbu i Gyorgy Goloman they mark the preview of a match marked on the calendar as fundamental, even more so after the Greek coach’s commitment to Badalonawhere Basketball Girona was not Basketball Girona.

The Nigerian baseman sprained his ankle badly in the defeat against the youth and has not trained with the group all week. But he is “eager to play”, in the words of Katsikaris. How important it is to have one. The Hungarian pivot, on the other hand, has been out of action for days, despite the fact that he rejoined the collective sessions on Wednesday. In the end, it all depends on the sensations.

In Bilbao, the infirmary is not better, quite the opposite. Adam Smith i Keith Hornsby, two important pillars and top scorers, neither have traveled; while Girona roughness i Andersson they have a big question mark on them. The Catalan coach of Surne, who has won three more games than the Girona team in the League, he can do nothing but resign. “Given the accident we’ve had in the form of injuries, we must be satisfied that we arrived at such a delicate situation with our duties done. We must reach the maximum with the people we have. Now we are a different team and I don’t know what level. But this group has the ability to readjust.”

The pressure of the calendar

All roads lead to “winning no matter what”, as Fotis Katsikaris almost begged. “After five defeats in a row, we play at home and we have to win no matter what. We will have to control the game and the emotions». Yes York repeat the performance of last weekend, the author of twenty-six points and six three-pointers (he equaled the individual record of a club player in the ACB), it will surely be easier. And, let’s face it, he would be fine because the remaining three days are no joke. “Because away we have to play against play-off teams like Baskonia and the Gran Canariaand at home we will have the Zaragozabut it will be complicated because we will have played 48 hours before a canaries and in fact they will arrive in Girona earlier than us”, emphasized the Greek.

His work, by the way, has not gone unnoticed. At least for Ponsarnau. “Basquet Girona is in the fight. It is a team that has talent and tactics. My feeling, since they changed coaches, is that the new proposal is different and is curdling. We will find a more worked team because Fotis has played several games. It’s a different team to the one we faced here, who played the most possession in the league. It has the creative capacity of its exteriors, of a lot of generation and execution». He may not win games without Fontajau, but the improvement with Katsikaris is considerable.

The public will obviously respond as they always do. This evening he has a wonderful opportunity to breathe, to cheer himself up and to face the whole final stretch with optimism. In case of defeat, it is better not to think about it, even though Granada and Obradoiro are placed between Girona and Breogán. It’s always a comfort to think that there are people who are worse off than you, in life. But when one aspires to make her really fat, he doesn’t think about others. He looks at himself and that’s enough. And this is how Girona Basketball has grown since Marc Gasol had the brilliant idea of ​​giving back to the city a small part of what he had given it. This beautiful story does not deserve to be afraid of anyone. But you have to win.

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