Salvadoran Archers Secure Spot in Women’s Team Final at Medellín 2024 Pan American Championship

Sofía Paiz, Paola Corado and Camila Alvarenga, athletes from the Effort and Glory Program, scored big by beating Mexico 230-229 today and qualifying for the women’s team final in the compound bow modality of the Medellín 2024 Pan American Championship.

The Salvadoran archers will compete this Saturday for the gold medal against the Americans Alexis Ruiz, Carson Krahe and Olivia Dean, who are considered a world power in the compound bow.

In the semifinals, the Salvadorans had an intense duel against the Mexicans Dafne Quintero, Andrea Becerra and Esmeralda Sánchez, a trio with experience in World Cups and world championships.

“It was a goal that I had set for this Pan American, to be able to repeat a medal like in the past, I am very happy that the opportunity was given as a team, we are a great team and we have improved. We have always been close to the finals and the medals,” said Paola Corado.

In Becerra’s case, she won the silver medal in the women’s individual compound bow last year at the World Archery Championships in Berlin, Germany.

“For me it is a great satisfaction, since in the Pan American Games we were very close to the medal, we came in fourth place and we have been growing as a team and we see it every year,” commented Camila Alvarenga.

“I am proud of the team, we have been improving year after year and I feel quite grateful for the opportunity and support they have given us,” said Sofía Paiz.

In the quarterfinals, the Salvadoran trio defeated the Brazilians Marianna Aparecida Chaves, Camila Hikari and Larissa Ferrari Oliveira with a score of 228-226.

“I am satisfied with the work of the three, the level in a Pan American is complicated, in the region there are world and World Cup medalists. Today they managed to beat Mexico, which was a very important rival; going from fourth place in the Pan American Games to competing for the gold medal against a team that is a world power, I think it speaks to the work the girls are doing,” said Roberto Hernández, athlete and coach.

Hernández also explained that the planning of the Salvadoran Archery Federation with the National Sports Institute and the Olympic Committee of El Salvador is key to the sporting growth of Salvadoran archery.

For his part, Douglas Nolasco, an athlete from the Effort and Glory Program, will be on the shooting line this Saturday to face Colombian Pablo Gómez Zuluaga in the match for the Pan American bronze medal and a place at the 2025 World Games in individual compound bow .

The Salvadoran faced the Mexican Sebastián García in the semifinals and lost 148-147, a result that kept him from the final, but he will still have the opportunity to win bronze and the ticket to the greatest sporting event for sports that are not part of the program Olympic.

“It is evident that the stimulus provided by INDES gives results and allows the country to think about projecting ourselves to the best levels on the continent,” emphasized the Santaneco coach.

For their part, Roberto Hernández, Miguel Véliz and Douglas Nolasco, also beneficiaries of the Effort and Glory Program, will compete for the bronze medal against Colombia in the men’s team of the compound bow modality.

The Colombian team is made up of Sebastián Arenas, Pablo Gómez and Juan Fernando Bonilla and at home it is emerging as a strong rival.

The Salvadorans equaled 232 points in the semifinal against Guatemala, so the pass to the final was defined by a tiebreaker and went to the Chapines.

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