Rugby: a young player in a coma after a tackle in a match

It is an accident which will inevitably relaunch the debate on the physical intensity not always controlled in rugby. This time, it was a young player from the Espoirs Fédérals team of Union Barbezieux-Jonzac (Charente) who was the victim. Following a collision on the pitch during the match against Mauléon, he did not get up and was airlifted to Poitiers University Hospital.

While the Union Espoirs Barbezieux-Jonzac and Mauléon faced each other on Sunday for the 22nd day of the Federal level championship, tells the site, a seemingly innocuous playing accident occurred. Following a tackle that seemed regular, Gontran Bisserier, a young UBJ player, fell suddenly to the ground which he hit with his head.

Victim of shock, he remained on the lawn, inert. According to the Rugbyrama story, one of his teammates and the linesman quickly realized that something was wrong when they saw him convulsing. The linesman immediately called for help. It only took a few seconds for the latter, the firefighters, to notice that the young third row was in no condition to resume the match and above all showed worrying signs for his health. The decision to evacuate him by helicopter was then taken, as was the decision to stop the meeting.

Upon his arrival at Poitiers University Hospital, the UBJ player was placed in a coma in order to begin the treatment process. This Monday morning, his condition was still considered worrying.


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