Rudy Gobert Praised as MVP at Grand Rex Following Game 1 Performance

At the Grand Rex this Saturday, Rudy Gobert’s performance in the first game of the series between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Phoenix Suns was praised in unison. MVP songs were sung in honor of the Tower of Saint-Quentin. A celebration which touched the triple (soon quadruple) defender of the year.

Rudy Gobert’s popularity in France since his arrival in the NBA is quite variable. The pivot is having a fantastic career in Uncle Sam’s land, but his style of play and certain controversies have got the better of some French fans’ love for him. At the Grand Rex this Saturday evening, these considerations could not be further away. The atmosphere was welcoming, the public knowledgeable and the performance of the Minnesota Timberwolves player recognized for its true value.

Because in Game 1 against the Phoenix Suns, Roudi was dominant. 14 points and 16 rebounds at 4/6 shooting and 6/7 shooting on one side of the floor and a masterpiece the other. Sometimes, after a switch, he found himself facing Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, but the speedy backs were never able to take advantage of the match-up, an element that could be key in the series. So in the third quarter, when the Grand Rex audience was warmed up by Anthony Edwards’ performance and Rudy Gobert found himself on the free-throw line, the MVP chants rang out.

Hey @Timberwolves here are 2,500 French fans chanting your MVP @rudygobert27 🔥🇫🇷

— Nicolas Bermond (@nbermond6) April 20, 2024

Information that reached the ears of the pivot thanks to Jack Borman, broadcaster pour Locked On Sports Minnesota. The journalist described the Frenchman’s reaction to X:

“Rudy Gobert isn’t on social media during the Playoffs, but I showed him this video and he was really touched. He had a big smile when he heard the MVP chants coming from his home country, France.”

Rudy Gobert isn’t on social media during the playoffs, but I showed him this video and he was really touched.

Had a huge smile on his face when he heard the MVP chants coming from his native France.

— Jack Borman (@jrborman13) April 21, 2024

Not long ago Rudy Gobert published an open letter on The Player’s Tribune in which he evoked many moments which built him, forged the identity which is his today. Receiving such an outpouring of love from the public a few days later undoubtedly resonated a little more strongly within him.

The goal now is that the interior of the Minnesota Timberwolves also feels appreciated next summer, when he returns to France to play the Paris Olympic Games with the selection.

Source texte : Jack Borman

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