Rookie Rivalry: Chet Holmgren’s Maturity Shines Amidst Competition

By Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

Because they debuted at the same time and share a unique physique, Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren will always be seen as rivals. The latter was questioned on this subject, and he showed great maturity.

For a few weeks, even a few months, Chet Holmgren suggested that he could compete with Victor Wembanyama in the race for the title of Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately for him, the French prodigy is far too impressive not to leave with this first big individual victory. The good news is that the Thunder interior has other reasons to keep smiling.

Because while his rival is going on vacation, most certainly in France, he will be involved in a race to the Finals which promises to be exciting in the Western Conference. His presence allowed the Thunder to take a huge step forward collectively, and the team is still in position to finish in first place in the standings.

Chet Holmgren forgot Rookie of the Year

For some observers, this good team form should even work in Chet Holmgren’s favor to overtake Victor Wembanyama… But what does the main person think? He spoke on the subject during a visit to Shams Charania’s microphone, and clearly, he has moved on for a while now.

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Things are moving so fast in the NBA, and we’re at a time where every game has meaning for us. So I really try to focus on the daily life of my team, on what we have to do each evening, and I don’t plan ahead. I think I would be doing my team a disservice by thinking about Rookie of the Year.

With the way everyone is pulling in the same direction, sacrificing themselves to win, I have to put all my personal worries aside. This is the way I think on a daily basis. Afterwards there is obviously a competitive aspect in all my duels, that’s what the NBA is. That’s not going to change, so as long as our teams are competing against each other, it will be fun and competitive.

Chet Holmgren hasn’t been thinking about the Rookie of the Year title for a while, he only thinks about the Thunder’s collective results. He knows his team can achieve something special, so he refuses any distractions. On the other hand, he already knows that all his clashes with Victor Wembanyama will be competitive, until retirement.

Chet Holmgren no longer thinks about Victor Wembanyama and the Rookie of the Year title, he mainly thinks about the end of the Thunder season. He plays basketball to win titles, and he wants to help his people in the quest for a ring.

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