Ronny Leprodhomme: A Rising Star in the World of Sports Education

Originally from Donville-les-Bains (Manche), sport runs in the veins of Ronny Leprodhomme. He comes from a family of athletes, his father Freddy being a former professional boxer. Holder of the BAFA (Brevet of aptitude for the functions of facilitator) option bathing supervision, he began training a few months ago with the social structure Music Experience in Ducey-les-Chérisin order to prepare a professional certificate in youth, popular education and sport, mentioning physical activities for all (BPJEPS APT).

« Du baby gym ou du baby-foot »

A training that he prepares by alternating courses at Musique Expérience one week per month including three weeks in La Haye-Pesnel within the Hayland Sports and Cultural Agreement (ESCH). He joined the latter in October 2023 for a period of fifteen months until next December. I preferred this training rather than embarking on a STAPS license (sciences and techniques of physical and sporting activities) to be directly in practice rather than in theory. My wish is to become a sports instructor and to be able to integrate directly into professional life,” he explains.

With a dozen sections (football, handball, gymnastics, table tennis, badminton, athletics, judo, pétanque, etc.), ESCH offers him an ideal playground to perfect his training. I cover all disciplines, all age groups, from baby gym or table football, to adults, emphasizes Ronny Leprodhomme. But I also work at lunchtime during after-school hours to supervise the children and I am available to the Leisure Center during school holidays as well as for sports courses organized during these same periods.

ESCH, a place of meeting and sharing

In six months, the young apprentice was able to realize the important place that ESCH takes within the Hayland city: A good part of the inhabitants are licensed there among young people and adults. The association also has many means of bringing children, in particular through school buses carried out directly at the end of schools which allows children to be directed towards their favorite sporting activity. And then the gymnasium allows graduates to meet in the same place and create and encourage exchanges. This is also the spirit of the boxing gala that he will organize in The Hague-Pesnel on the weekend of May 11 and 12 as part of his training at BPJEPS APT.

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