Rodri relieves City of pressure: “Real Madrid is always a favorite in the Champions League and this year they have more control”

There is no Spanish player who is fitter than Rodri Hernandez (Madrid, 1996). The fittest positional midfielder in Europe who leads Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. The footballer who scored the goal of the English team’s first Champions League and on which the classification of the ‘Sky Blues’ against Real Madrid will depend. The leader of the current European champion was in charge of appearing before the first leg of the quarterfinals that will be played this Tuesday at the Bernabeu (21.00 hours).

The man from Madrid began by analyzing what happened in last year’s tie, from which Manchester City emerged victorious. “We have the experience, but it doesn’t help much against a Real Madrid that is different every season. “They are always favorites in the Champions League,” said the midfielder, who tried to relieve pressure on his teammates. He can and must do it after last season’s victory.

The unfortunate 15 minutes of the Bernabéu in 2022

The main player in Guardiola’s team emphasized the differences that in his opinion the current Real Madrid has. He carried out this analysis from what concerns him, which is the center of the field. “They play with one more midfielder, although this does not take away from the arrival that players like Bellingham o Rodrygo. They have great potential from all lines, but they have gained control. We have to adapt to it,” the Spaniard emphasized.

Rodri Hernández, Manchester City player, against Aston Villa in the Premier. / ADAM DAVIS / EFE

Rodri Hernández continued his appearance talking about the series of confrontations that the two teams that have performed best in recent times in the competition have experienced. “We have always competed well, except for the quarter of an hour in the semifinals (in 2022), which is something we want to forget about. We are a more mature team. Experience gives us confidence to do things well,” added a footballer who scored the decisive goal in Manchester City’s first Champions League that has changed the club’s mentality.

“We need the best Guardiola, he is our leader”

Another of the questions that Rodri Hernández answered was about the comparison between Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, and Guardiola. “Everyone has their own style. They are both winners, each in their own way. I can only say that Pep is our leader. We need the best from him on his part, in terms of tactics and positive energy. For us it is very important,” he explained.

One of the main doubts that the Spanish coach will face has to do with the defense, the most sensitive area of ​​​​Manchester City, which will have the certain absences of Walker and Ake. Gvardiol has traveled to Madrid limping. “In the last two Premier League games we have improved our performance. TWe have injuries, but tomorrow we will all be at the highest level. We have the composure of being the current champions and we want to do it again. Although we know that Real Madrid is the one that has won the most in this competition,” said the midfielder.

Are LaLiga and the Premier two different sports?

Rodri Hernández avoided focusing on Vinicius, who is one of the players warned, like Bellingham and Camavinga. As usual, he heard a related question about the statement he made some time ago in which he said that “LaLiga and the Premier are different sports”. The Spain international said that he already gave the pertinent reasons on his day, “but a Champions League always forces us to adopt different rhythms.”

Finally, Rodri returned to the fundamentals, his part in the game, to talk about a duel with Toni Kroos, the “metronome” of Real Madrid, as he defined him, who, like him, is having a magnificent season. “Although we occupy the same demarcation, we are not the same type of player, but Real Madrid football depends a lot on Kroos“concluded one of the players on whom City’s fate will depend in a tie that, not because it is repeated, reserves surprises, an uncontrollable factor very present in the midfielder’s speech.

Rodri Hernández celebrates a goal for Manchester City this season. / PETER POWELL / EFE

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