Roberto Baggio: A Legend’s Surprising Instagram Post and World Cup Heartbreak

Roberto Baggiolegendary Italian striker in 1999 was voted as the third best FIFA Player of the Centuryhas surprised his millions of followers with a commented image.

The genius of Hotwho is 57 years old, He shared an image on Instagram applying to participate in the Narcos series.

“Narcos 4 coming soon”Roberto Baggio published along with an image that was later proven to be retouched (he shared the original for comparison).

The most divine ponytail in the history of football, which He retired from football in 2004played throughout his career in Vicenza, Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan, Bologna, Inter Milan and Brescia.

Baggio said goodbye to Italy in a tribute match… against Spain!

The penalty in the World Cup final that marked Baggio’s career: “I still dream about it”

The career of Roberto Baggio, FIFA Player of the Year y Ballon d’Or in 1993was marked by the maximum penalty that he missed in the penalty shootout in which Italy lost the 1994 World Cup final against Brazil.

“When I went to the penalty spot I was as lucid as one can be in those moments. I knew that Taffarel was always diving, that’s why I decided to throw him in the middle, at half height, just so that he couldn’t clear it with his feet. It was a smart choice. However, the ball, I don’t know how, went up three meters and went up. I have missed a few penalties, but when I missed them they stopped me, they didn’t go to the clouds… The Brazilians say it was Ayrton. Senna from the sky who raised the ball. Who knows. It is the romantic explanation for an inexplicable act, except for fatigue,” Baggio explained in his autobiography ‘A Gate in Heaven’.

The missed penalty against Brazil in the 94 World Cup that marked Baggio’s career

Baggio acknowledges that “it was the hardest moment of my career, it conditioned me for years. I still dream about it.”

“It was hard to get out of that nightmare. If I could erase one image from my sporting life it would be that one,” he noted.

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