Road CV-230 Closed for Three Days for Demolition of Large Stones

Road CV-230 that unites the Vall d’Uixó con Alfondeguilla and leads to Chóvar and Azuébar will be closed to traffic for three days due to the demolition of the large stones located in the upper part of the ‘curve of the wall’.

This is how the mayor of Alfondeguilla explained it, Salvador Venturaafter the territorial service of Public Infrastructures of Castellón has contacted the City Council to communicate the works planned for the estabilization of the slope of the CV-230 highway after the fall of several stones on December 28.

A month ago, the department began work to place mesh on the slope to prevent more landslides such as the one that occurred on December 28, 2024, which cut off the road that connects both towns to traffic. However, the work has not ended here.

Now the Department of Environment, Water, Infrastructure and Territory will continue with the more delicate work this time to prevent larger stones from giving way. And it seems that there is a risk of falling after significant cracks are observed.

Ventura explained that the work will consist of the placing bags between the cracks that will swell until the stones fall. To this end, the department plans protect the road and avoid major damage to the road.

Thus, they will throw sand on the road to cushion the fall of stones that can weigh up to ten tons. The goal is to do as little damage as possible.

When will the work begin?

This Wednesday, the Alfondeguilla City Council informed the residents of the complete road closure and the previous works, so that the neighbors know which days they will not be able to circulate with vehicles or use the Passeig Belcaire that unites this population with the Vall d’Uixó.

Between April 25 and 28, the CV-230 highway will be conditioned as follows:

  • Thursday April 25: alternative traffic on the road
  • Friday April 26: until 10:00 a.m. there will be alternative traffic and from 10:00 a.m. the road will be completely closed to traffic and Passeig Belcaire will not be able to be used
  • Saturday April 27: complete road closure
  • Sunday April 28: complete road closure
  • Monday April 29: It is estimated that the road will be opened to traffic, but this will depend on the consequences that the demolition of these large stones will have on the road.

Alternative routes

The Alfondeguilla City Council has informed its neighbors that there is three alternatives to reach the municipality:

  • The Uixó Valley – Monte Zamora – Aigualit – Castro – Alfondeguilla
  • Artana – Eslida – Chóvar – Alfondeguilla
  • The Uixó Valley – Algar del Palancia – Soneja – Azuébar – Alfondeguilla

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