Rising Belgian Judoka Olivier Naert Impresses at Grand Prix in Zagreb

Olivier Naert (IJF 367), 20 years old, exempted from the first round, first beat the Swiss David Gauch (IJF 264), 24 years old, then the German Hratschik Latschinjan (IJF 348), 27 years old, in the quarter-finals .

In the semi-finals against the Slovenian David Starkel, 27 years old, 120th in the world, the Flandrien was beaten after a long work on the ground by his opponent.

Bronze medalist at the European Junior Championships last year, Olivier Naert was surprised by the 21-year-old Swiss, Jesse Waizenegger (IJF 305) in the fight for 3rd place, with a golden score on an ippon after 2 minutes and 33 seconds into overtime.

The other Belgians present on Saturday were taken out in their first fight. Robbe Demets (IJF 180) 22 years old, was knocked out in the first round in -66kg. In the same category, Deny Altemirov (IJF 209), 21, was eliminated as soon as he entered the running in the second round

In -57kg, Luna Verfaillie (IJF 256), 20 years old, lost in the first round.

The last Belgian competing in Croatia, Warre Denys (IJF), 20 years old, will be on the tatamis on Sunday in -90kg.

2024-04-06 16:36:57
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