Risaraldense Sports Soar in Results and Economic Support Under New Government Leadership

In 100 days of governmentthe sport Risaraldense grows in results and economic support

  • The adaptation and improvement of the Combat Coliseum is also part of the objectives achieved for the benefit of athletes.

Pereira, April 11, 2024. “100 days have passed in which we can tell the Riseraldenses that, under the direction of Juan Diego Patiño Ochoa – our Governor -, we have three athletes confirmed for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. For them and for all the athletes who do part of the Supported Athlete program, we have great news for you, and that is that we are going to improve the resource because you deserve it”.

This was stated by Luis Eduardo Duque Sanz, Secretary of Sports, Recreation and Culture of Risaralda, who explained that support for Risaralda’s elite athletes in the current period increased to 1.9 billion pesos, resources that will benefit nearly 200 athletes.


Without a doubt, the performance of the ‘Casta de Campeones’ athletes would not be the same if they did not have the technical quality and specialized knowledge of the coaches, who are with them on the field every day, seeking to improve the level of their team. which has been reflected in the achievements achieved for Risaralda and Colombia at a national and international level.

That is why Governor Juan Diego Patiño Ochoa, since his arrival to the first departmental position, has been committed to considerably improving the fees of each of the technicians, which, by 2024, amounts to 1,400 million pesos, which will be reflected in the performance of each athlete, with a view to the 2027 National Games.

“Our departmental coaches, who had their fees frozen for more than five years, will have an increase. “The Governor, from the beginning of his Administration, expressed the importance of providing very good resources to more than 60 coaches who are part of the Risaralda Casta de Campeones family,” added Secretary Duque Sanz.

Finally, among the great sporting achievements of the Risaralda Governorate in the first 100 days of the new administration, is the adaptation and improvement of the Combat Coliseum, a stage located in the Olympic Village of Pereira, where more than 200 athletes converge daily. of disciplines such as judo, wrestling and taekwondo.

“The infrastructure part has been very important for us; Since last year we have been working on the adaptation of the Combat Coliseum, which has brought many glories to the department and the country. “A scenario that needed to be organized and was done thanks to the joint contribution between the Secretariats of Sports and Infrastructure.”added the departmental official.

The adaptation of the sports infrastructure has as a consequence, not only the increase in the number of practitioners of the different disciplines, but also the strengthening of the sports reserve, which will become the replacement for the athletes who currently represent Risaralda.

“Thanks to the remodeling of the combat sports coliseum, a large number of children from different leagues benefit from a setting suitable for practicing sports. “I want to thank the Governor of Risaralda for giving us his support and having better training qualities in these facilities.”concluded Luisa Fernanda Ríos, Judo coach.

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