Riots, in the World Series with Spain

Alba Martínez, Alborota, CRAT player from Almería, is one of those summoned by the Spanish rugby 7 team for the sixth round of the world series that will be played between April 5 and 7 in Hong Kong. The team of coaches Alberto Socías and María Ribera is in last place in their group and it will not be easy for them to avoid relegation, but they want to continue growing and progressing in their game. Spain will share a group in this phase of the competition with Canada, the United States and Japan. The rest of those mentioned are Olivia Fresneda, Lide Erbina, María Calvo, Elisabet Segarra, Marta Cantabrana, Paula Requena, Beatriz Domínguez, Anne Fernández de Corres, Jimena Blanco-Hortiguera, Juana Stella, Cristina López and Ingrid Algar. Spain’s rugby 15 team, with Judith Hernández, will also play again next weekend (day 6) against the Netherlands in Amsterdam.

2024-03-31 22:14:21
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