“Riga” wins the soccer league game and becomes the leader

“Riga” beat “Jelgavu” 2:0 (0:0).

The goal was scored in the 50th minute by Marko Reža, who after Milos Jojic’s pass came face to face with goalkeeper Vyacheslav Kudryavtsev in the penalty area and sent the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal – 1:0.

In the first minute of the compensation time of the match, Brian Peña took the ball from Krister Panteleev on the left side of the field after a long pass, ran away from him and sent the ball into the bottom left corner of the penalty area – 2:0.

It has already been reported that the first Monday match with the participation of “Tukums 2000″/”Telms” and “Metta” in Tukums ended in a goalless draw.

In the tournament table, “Riga” has 12 points in five matches, “Daugavpilij” has 11 points, RFS and “Tukums 2000″/”Telms” have won ten points, “Valmiera” has collected nine points in four games, “Metta” has seven points in five matches. “Auda” has won four points in four matches, “Grobiņa”/LFS has one point in four matches and “Jelgava” has five points, but “Liepāja” has no points in four matches.

After winning the first two rounds, Riga lost to “Valmiera” 1:2, but in the last match they defeated “Liepaja” 4:0. Jelgava started the season with a goalless draw against Daugavpils, but then suffered three defeats.

Last season, the players of “Riga” were superior in the first three matches, but “Jelgava” celebrated a 5-3 victory in the fourth duel.

On Sunday, in the first match of the round, “Daugavpils” played 2:2 at home with the champion RFS.

On Tuesday, at the end of the fifth round, “Valmiera” will host “Grobina”/LFS, while “Liepāja” will meet “Auda”.

The Premier League championship with the participation of ten teams takes place in four rounds, with each team playing 36 games. 180 games are expected to be played until November 9.

Last season, RFS became the champion for the second time, which ensured victory only in the last round, winning over “Metta” team with 1:0.

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