Rescue of Family of Ducks in Sesto Fiorentino

SESTO FIORENTINO – Rescue on Thursday afternoon of a family of ducks, made up of a mother duck and ten ducklings. Who knows how the small group found themselves in a private area of ​​Camporella, unable to find the way to reach Rimaggio. It was thanks to the help of three CAI members, including the Sesto president Stefano […]

SIGNA – In the municipal council on 4 April the resolution for the outsourcing of the public lighting service will be discussed, “an important initiative – say the Municipality of Signa – aimed at improving energy efficiency, the effectiveness of maintenance interventions and ensure greater safety for citizens. The fundamental objective of this initiative looks threefold […]

PRATO – Piananotizie’s collaboration with Estra, a leading entity in central Italy in the natural gas and electricity sales sector, begins in April. Every month, therefore, we will be and you will be informed about the activities of a company that has roots strongly anchored in its territories in the name of the continuity of work and […]

SESTO FIORENTINO – On 1 August 2015, Daniele Calieri, journalist and one of the founders of Piananotizie, died. We want to remember him with one of his articles published by the newspaper and collected in the book “Everything you always wanted to know about… Sesto”, dedicated to the “Sesto of the past”. Among the many published we have chosen a classic, […]

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