Remembering Marco Cesar Aguiar Luis: The Bodybuilding Legend and His Journey

Marco Cesar Aguiar Luis, known as “the most pumped ever” in the world of bodybuilding or “the monster”, died at the age of 46 while in Cologne, Germany, from causes yet to be ascertained. The news of his passing was given by his wife, who described Marco as a humble and passionate person, always committed to doing what she loved most: bodybuilding. He was inspired by the great “muscle men” of Hollywood, such as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who throughout his life he always tried to emulate.


Marco’s great challenge

Born with physical problems that initially prevented him from playing sports, Marco, of Portuguese origins, never gave up.

Thanks to his father’s support, at the age of 20 he discovered his passion for muscles. Despite initial difficulties, he transformed his home into a personal gym, collecting equipment piece by piece, until he built a place where he could pursue his dream with the bare minimum. Marco said he began his adventure in the world of fitness in a judo club, but it was only when a friend introduced him to bodybuilding that he discovered his true love for sport.

The use of chemicals

His approach to training was interesting: Marco has never trained in commercial gyms, preferring the privacy and intimacy of his home gym. Furthermore, he remained natural until he was 32, far from all those chemicals that are often used in bodybuilding. Only in 2018, at the age of 40, did he decide to officially compete, immediately obtaining a victory that crowned years of hard work and dedication. In addition to the disappointment, there is also curiosity on the part of his fans to understand the causes that led to the death of their idol.

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